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What you need to know about presidential candidates’ climate plans

What are Cruz, Kasich, Trump, Clinton, and Sanders' plans to deal with a warming climate? Watch our video above to find out.

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Climate & Energy

In West Virginia, even prison can’t keep a notorious coal baron out of politics

Don Blankenship is looming large over the contentious governor's race.

Climate & Energy

New documentary gives us an idea of what will survive climate change

Spoiler: Lots of things won’t. But Josh Fox gives us a picture of the human ingenuity that sea level rise can’t conquer.

Carbon Footprints in the Sand

Does recycling glass do more harm than good?

Advice maven Umbra Fisk has a message (in a bottle) for beach-combers.

There's gold in them goldfish

Are you ready for goldfish sushi?

Escaped pets make up one of the most profitable fisheries in Lake Erie.


Giant wildfire turns Canadian oil country into a post-apocalyptic nightmare

Climate change threatens oil sands.


Obama drinks to his first Flint visit since lead poisoning crisis

“I really did need a glass of water. This is not a stunt."

Climate & Energy

Coral reefs are straight-up dissolving now

A new study found 6 million tons of limestone have disappeared from Florida's reefs.

Climate & Energy

No, Fox News, coal miners do not “live longer, happier lives”

Debunking the theory that coal is a "moral substance."

Climate & Energy

Even Sanders’ plan to curb fossil fuel production isn’t ambitious enough

To stave off climate chaos, we need to think a lot bigger than halting production on public lands.

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