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Shots and Chasers

Slide into my DMs and out of my doctor’s office

Sext, don’t sext, whatever -- it's your body. Here’s what legislators across the country are doing this week to show how much they disagree with that.

Climate & Energy

Oceans won’t have enough oxygen in as little as 15 years

Fish in the Pacific could struggle for survival.

Climate & Energy

What we’re getting wrong in the carbon tax debate

When it comes to fighting climate change, politics will always trump policy.


Stop trying to get Instagram likes by destroying natural wonders

This is why we can't have nice things.


Conservative group is trying to take down top environmentalists

Their first targets: Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill McKibben, and Tom Steyer.


U.S. coal use is down in nearly every state

Since 2007, power-sector coal consumption has dipped everywhere except states ending with "-aska"

Climate & Energy

Climate change made catastrophic coral bleaching 175 times more likely

A new study compares the probability of coral-bleaching ocean temperatures occurring with and without the effects of global warming


Watch Emma Thompson take on fracking … with cake

The first and only episode of "The Frack-free Bake Off" was filmed on land leased for fracking.

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