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Climate Change

See how the Sierra Club’s leader is trolling Republicans

The green group’s executive director has offered to fill one of those empty time-slots at the GOP convention.


North America pledges to deliver 50 percent zero-carbon energy in less than a decade

The three nations will announce ambitious climate plans this week.

Pretty Fuelish

Americans are buying more gas guzzlers. Americans have short memories.

Oil prices fluctuate, remember?

The city that overheats

Heat waves could bring lots more deaths to NYC

But if the city takes some smart steps, it could save many lives.

Scratching the surface

Why your poison ivy allergy is about to get worse

What’s worse than poison ivy? Poison ivy on climate change.

Ceci n'est pas une pipeline

TransCanada’s latest move perfectly illustrates why so many people hate free-trade deals

The Canadian company is using NAFTA to claim that the U.S. owes it $15 billion for not building the Keystone pipeline.

Houston, We Have A Problem

Even with the Supreme Court ruling on abortion clinics, there’s still a big mess in Texas

Everything IS bigger, including the affronts to women’s health.

That Figueres

Top climate leader wants to be U.N.’s head honcho

United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres is preparing to run for secretary-general.

Leave no Stonewall unturned

Obama creates national monument at iconic NYC gay bar

The Stonewall Inn, site of trailblazing LGBTQ protests, is now the newest addition to the national park system.

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