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What you need to know about presidential candidates’ climate plans

What are Cruz, Kasich, Trump, Clinton, and Sanders' plans to deal with a warming climate? Watch our video above to find out.

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Giant wildfire turns Canadian oil country into a post-apocalyptic nightmare

Climate change threatens oil sands.

Climate & Energy

Even Sanders’ plan to curb fossil fuel production isn’t ambitious enough

To stave off climate chaos, we need to think a lot bigger than halting production on public lands.

Climate & Energy

New maps shed light on the secret lives of clouds

This cloud atlas could help us track life across the planet.

Climate & Energy

The Keystone movement goes global

No new fossil fuel proposal is safe.


Clinton is in coal country, and it’s getting messy

What happens in Appalachia does not stay in Appalachia.

Trashy to Classy

Emma Watson’s Met Gala outfit was trash

In a good way, though.


Jimmy Kimmel takes on Sarah Palin. And wins.

Kimmel delivers some real talk on climate conspiracy theories.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is already disrupting societies. A new study doesn’t let us forget it.

A new meta-study looked at stories from 90,000 indigenous people already adapting to climate change.

Climate & Energy

Fighting climate change with Snapchat? Meet the Pacific Islander trying it out.

How one activist is leading a tech revolution for climate justice.

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