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Soft drink tax war to bubble up in cities across the U.S.

Soda taxes are finally gaining traction. Next year, they might appear at the polling booth in a city near you.


All those toxic chemicals in the ocean? Birds are pooping them back on shore

Guano is even grosser than we thought.

Climate & Energy

Eiffel Tower turns green as Paris Climate Summit kicks off

An interactive light installation projects images of trees onto the iconic Paris landmark.

Climate & Energy

Check out these amazing photos from the world’s biggest day of climate action ever

Hundreds of thousands of people joined 2,300 marches in 175 countries, demanding a strong climate deal from leaders in Paris.

Permanent Depress

The dirty secrets of dry cleaning

Advice maven Umbra Fisk adopts a not-so-casual attitude to the question of dry cleaning, one of our most toxic personal habits.

Climate & Energy

Climate activists in Paris stage peaceful action, despite official ban on marches

Thousands formed a human chain through central Paris with colorful signs demanding climate action.


Nostalgic for fudge-striped cookies? Bake them at home!

Here's the recipe for a homemade version of a childhood favorite.

Climate & Energy

Here’s what you need to know about the massive climate summit kicking off in Paris

Presidents, diplomats, scientists, and activists are all descending on the French capital. They'll try to save the world.

Climate & Energy

California may be a leader on climate change, but it still has plenty of work to do

California’s greenhouse gas emissions are declining, but not rapidly.

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