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Zika, tropical medicine, and infant monsters of the third world

There’s a historic precedent for the way we talk about a virus we know very little about.

Business & Technology

The cheap Tesla model is on its way. And so is a competitor from General Motors

Who will be the first to bring electric vehicles to the masses? Probably GM.

Climate & Energy

Your kids may be getting a confusing education on climate change

Many U.S. teachers offer their students conflicting or incorrect information about climate science, a new survey shows.

Climate & Energy

Your Transatlantic flight could take even longer thanks to climate change

Warming temperatures alter wind patterns, and this changes the amount of time it takes a plane to cross the Atlantic.

Climate & Energy

No, climate scientists have not been “altering” temperature data. Sorry, deniers.

New research confirms that scientists are using solid techniques to calibrate their data.


Here’s what climate scientists and activists would ask at the next presidential debate

Mark Ruffalo, Michael Mann, Bill McKibben, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and others weigh in with smart questions.


If you dig bluegrass, you’ll love our latest Pickathon session

Billy Strings and Don Julin perform "No More Paper Logs" at the 2015 Pickathon festival.


Zika is just one more way climate change is worse for women

But should you panic about it? Well, it’s complicated.


Want some rich, exotic compost? Look to your local zoo

What happens in the zoo need not stay in the zoo.

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