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Climate & Energy

Democratic voters care about climate change, and they could put the heat on Clinton

Fifteen percent of Democrats in a new poll said climate change was their top priority. That’s enough to push the issue into the spotlight.

Climate & Energy

Doctors are already seeing links between climate change and their patients’ health

Public health leaders, doctors, and nurses are seeing more respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular disease, heat-related deaths, and other problems.

Climate & Energy

Boston’s airport is going green(ish)

Airport officials plan to cut emissions and plan for sea level rise. Good luck!

Chicken Fun

Give the chickens in your life, dead or alive, a little love today

On International Respect for Chickens Day, we have some tips on how to be a bonafide Ally of Chickens. (You can still eat them.)

ticked off

Ticks are spreading — and so is Lyme disease

Warming temperatures expand the range of ticks, lengthen the season, and increase the chances of one giving you Lyme disease. Shudder.


Oil trains have 3 more years to explode, thanks to weak Obama rule

New rules for oil trains aren't nearly strict enough to prevent disastrous explosions. The most dangerous cars can keep rolling until 2018.


Let Amy Schumer remind you who should be making your birth control decisions

Boy scouts and priests weigh in on your birth control options in this hilarious Amy Schumer clip.


Farmers are watering your food with fracking chemicals

Chevron is selling fracking wastewater to Central Valley farmers to grow food. Dangers seem limited right now -- but let's be more careful and transparent.


Are the leftovers from home remodeling trash or treasure?

A reader wonders what to do with '80s home decor. Umbra spreads the salvage love.