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Fast, Cool, Convenient

Don’t miss it: We’re talking sustainable cities in NYC this summer

Come to our hot summer lecture series, on a few of our favorite things: transportation, plastic, and keeping cool.

Walk It Out

The key to fighting climate change and mortality? Walkable cities

Watch how to make your city better for humans — not cars -- to get around.


If you care about climate change, why aren’t you voting?

Well, Americans are bad at voting in general. Watch our video to find out why that’s a problem.

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Industry events left an oily sheen on the Democratic convention

Activists say panels sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute sullied the Democratic Party's gathering.


Can a city really go vegetarian?

It's not the worst idea ever.


For this black church, supporting climate action is a no-brainer

Climate change lessons during Sunday school? It's already happening.

detail therapy

This new science podcast is nerd bait (and we love it)

Host Wendy Zukerman debunks half-truths from industry and activists alike.


Watch the climate spiral out of control in these hypnotic graphs

These animated spirographs chart the state of our climate — and it’s not pretty.

She blinded them with science

Clinton’s big applause line: “I believe in science”

In her convention speech, Hillary drew a clear contrast between her own views on climate change and those of Donald Trump.

commuter programming

Forget free wi-fi: America just wants buses that show up on time

Transit officials bribe riders with high-tech perks, when they really just want a fast, reliable way to get around.

We've taken a shine to this idea

Chernobyl site could become a solar farm

Ukraine is seeking investors for a big solar installation on land contaminated by the 1986 nuclear disaster.

Humble rag

Which kind of cleaning cloths are the greenest?

Two readers want to know what they should clean with. Advice columnist Umbra Fisk cottons on to an answer.

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