Animal wrongs

Donald Trump might appoint an oil executive and anti-animal rights activist to head the Interior Department.

Forrest Lucas, whose company makes motor oil, recently financed a movie that's critical of animal protection groups.

Damselfish in distress

Climate change is driving fish crazy, literally.

The CO2-riddled oceans of the future may become fish asylums.

Being a big fish in a small pond (or, uh, the ocean) could get you killed.

The bigger the sea creature, the more likely it is to go extinct, according to new research.

You're krilling me

The American pika is disappearing — and you only care because it’s cute.

The American pika is endangered by climate change -- but so are way uglier species that you don't care about.

Good weed

Farmers, the most likely cause of the monarch butterfly’s travails, may now be their salvation.

Farmers are coming up with creative ways to help butterflies bounce back.

Polar bear strikes back at James Inhofe, eats his ball

Happy National Polar Bear Day! James Inhofe celebrated with a snowball fight on the Senate floor.

Roaming Network

That’s not a sheep, it’s a WiFi router! (It’s also a sheep.)

As farm animals help expand networks in rural areas, side effects could include decreased attention spans and ruminanty Facebook rants.

Hunter shoots the first endangered wolf seen in Kentucky in 150 years

This is sort of an object lesson in why "hey, I don't recognize that thing, better shoot it" is not the most adaptive outlook on life.

This guy woke up snuggling with a fox instead of his girlfriend

What's that next to you in bed, so fuzzy and warm? Hint: It's not actually your significant other.