Photo courtesy of Sirocco the Kakapo’s Facebook page.

New Zealand’s kakapo is probably the best parrot. It has the face and personality of Walter Matthau. It likes to sit in a hole and make loud noises. It regularly tries to get it on with human heads. What’s not to like? NOTHING, so we’re really glad it’s managing to struggle back from the brink of extinction.

The kakapo above, Sirocco, is not just randomly taking his sexual frustrations out on noted British zoologists. He’s become accustomed to humping heads by decades of conservationists trying to collect kakapo sperm using specially designed hats. (Well, not lots of decades … Sirocco is 25 years old, although kakapos can live to be 90. And supposedly they don’t use the sperm-hats anymore, so maybe Sirocco is just particularly perverse.)