Climate & Energy

Climate change threatening the David Hasselhoff crab

Um, we CANNOT let global warming kill this crab named after David Hasselhoff's hairy chest.


A red panda has gone missing from the National Zoo

A red panda named Rusty went missing at 6 last night. He's probably just in a tree somewhere and not running with a tough raccoon gang, but who knows.


Minnesota mother-son crime team steals and sells 3,200 gopher feet

Sure, times are tough and Minnesota is overrun with gophers. But REALLY?


This slightly horrifying frog that grows babies in its mouth is probably extinct

Darwin found something really creepy while exploring Chile and Argentina. And now it's probably gone forever.


Here is an anteater getting wasted

Listen, tamanduas are just like you, or Carrie Bradshaw, or the French. When they want to unwind, they go for a glass of red wine. And we all know where that leads:


Dude orders 80-year-old lobster at restaurant just to set it free

Don MacKenzie reserved 17-pound Larry the lobster for dinner, then spent an undisclosed amount to release him uneaten into the Long Island Sound.


This video will make you want to hug a walrus

This rescued baby walrus is no more than six weeks old and already 200 pounds, so chances are good that you don’t have room for him in your apartment. But I defy you to watch …


Watch some brave souls rescue baby bears from a dumpster

The basic rule about baby bears is Do Not Go Near Them. Ever. But what do you do if they’re stuck in a garbage can, crying all night, with the mom stalking nearby? If you …


How many guinea pigs does it take to mow your lawn?

The average American lawn is one-fifth of an acre, or 8,712 square feet. That’s a lot of passes with your push reel mower. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just hire some goats, cows, …

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