reword reward

Victory! The New York Times called a denier a denier.

The paper replaced “Climate Change Dissenter” with “Climate Change Denialist.”

war on coal

Republicans are taking coal miners’ pensions and their healthcare. (UPDATED)

Democratic senators are vowing to block a spending bill unless Republicans act.

leak squad

Trump team wants the names of officials who worked on climate policy

A leaked questionnaire left Department of Energy staff feeling "unsettled."

dumpster fire, meet hose

Here are three reasons that the world didn’t completely suck this week.

"Injustice Boycott" at Standing Rock and Illinois passes a huge clean energy bill.

bridge to nowhere

Just what our crumbling, aging infrastructure doesn’t need: Trump’s plan

Trump is really just pushing a tax cut that wouldn’t fix our infrastructure needs.

Cabinet fever

The dirty deplorables: Who’s who on Trump’s team

Here's what Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees and advisors think about climate change and other sustainability issues. It's not looking good.

Put A Hat On It

Turns out putting on a condom is good for the planet AND the economy.

Birth control might be a one-stop shop to reduce emissions and increase income per capita.

Remember that time ...

These 50 people changed the world in 2016.

From scientists to supermodels, these individuals are dedicated to solving tomorrow's problems.

solar flare

The world’s largest solar plant is here, and it’s in India.

The new plant could power up to 150,000 homes.