Why a military general declared war on polluters

Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honoré is leading a charge against Louisiana's biggest polluters. Is a gubernatorial run next?

Business & Technology

Can drones save the world?

We're rapidly approaching the drone saturation point.


London is building Europe’s longest bike superhighway

The billion-dollar "segregated cycleway" will stretch approximately 18 miles directly through the center of the city.

Business & Technology

New Tesla feature makes passengers lose their minds

Tesla shows off its new "insane" button by taking unsuspecting passengers from 0 to 60 mph in three seconds. They nearly wet themselves.

Coral reefs are about to crash in a big way

Something really, really terrible is about to happen to our coral.

Climate & Energy

TV networks now cover climate change, but they’re doing it wrong

According to a new study, the major broadcast news networks are covering climate change more than they have in years. The bad news: A lot of it is misleading and unscientific.


Procrastinators, rejoice: Now you can cook with that old Christmas tree

This new kind of urban foraging is complete with a dash of dumpster diving.

Climate & Energy

How a black kid who grew up in the segregated South became a barefisted biologist

Tyrone Hayes took on a massive chemical company over the impacts of its top-selling herbicide. His story is the subject of a new Amazon original documentary, produced by The New Yorker.


Seattle to shame residents for throwing away food

The city will shame and fine residents for putting compostable food in the trash bin.