Business & Technology

Amazon makes a big play for the Etsy crowd

Want to buy artisan goods from a corporate behemoth? Amazon has you covered.

Climate & Energy

Good news: Wind energy is the cheapest energy source in Germany and the U.K.

Renewable energy sources are gaining ground on fossil fuels.

This pumpkin shortage will be the scariest thing about Halloween

Thanks, climate change!


D.C.’s crap is finally being put to good use: Generating clean energy

Utility D.C. Water is turning poop into power.

Auto Mad-ic

Self-driving cars: Should we love them or hate them?

Is all the hype about self-driving cars taking attention away from more promising technologies? Umbra cruises through the facts.

Meat cheaters

Are vegetarians secretly eating meat when drunk?

A new poll claims the drunken munchies are the Achilles heel of vegetarians.

Climate & Energy

California just signed a landmark bill to tackle climate change

SB 350 has some pretty ambitious renewable energy goals, but fails to cut fossil fuels enough.


Not to be outdone by climate change, God to end world today

You don't have to be religious to see that things are getting pretty dark around here.

Climate & Energy

For the first time, a top coal industry executive faces criminal charges

Here's what you need to know about the trial of Big Coal's Don Blankenship.