Hot air

We fact-checked Donald Trump’s latest comments on renewable energy.

Turns out, they're not all true.

Bright lights, big milestones

Half a million solar panels were installed every day in 2015.

And in China, two wind turbines were installed every hour.

Don't Walk

The best show on TV right now is about living carless in the suburbs

Donald Glover's new FX show is a perceptive picture of America's growing problem of poverty and sprawl.

nope to the pope

The pope’s call for climate action backfired in conservative America.

Right-leaning Americans were less concerned about climate change after hearing the pope's message, according to a new survey.

Mothers and earth

In Peru, this young activist is sparking a movement for climate justice

Majandra Rodriguez Acha found creative ways to unite her nation’s young climate activists.

Let them eat kelp

Cow burps are a big problem for the climate, but a little change in diet could correct that.

Adding small amounts of a particular seaweed to bovine diets might be able to reduce the amount of methane cows release by up to 99 percent.

Pack your bags

Which U.S. city should you hunker down in during the era of climate change? 

The New York Times compiled a list, and we at Grist did too.

art works

How one artist put climate activism on paper

Rachel Schragis pays homage to the People's Climate March in Post-its and ink.

move along, nothing to see here

Climate change enjoyed its 2 seconds of fame in the final debate

In all three presidential debates combined, the candidates spent just 5 minutes on the climate crisis.