We better figure out a smarter way to take care of the world’s refugees — before the climate multiplies them

Hungary is building a wall to block refugees from entering the country. Sound familiar?


Dakota Johnson is in a new climate change movie. Too bad it looks awful

We're all for climate change movies. Just not this one. Watch the trailer and you'll understand why.

Egg producers caught conspiring to shut down a vegan mayo startup

The American Egg Board has been waging a stealthy -- and possible illegal -- campaign to get Just Mayo off grocery-store shelves.

Business & Technology

H&M offers over a million bucks for your recycling ideas

Those cheap-ass pants have a high environmental cost. H&M wants to fix this -- well, kinda sorta.


States crack down on food waste

We've had a hard time convincing businesses to stop throwing out their extra food.


I’m off the water grid, so do I still need to take short showers?

If you're living off the water-system grid, do you still need to worry about conservation? Umbra dowses for answers.


Dear architects: Stop trying to make shipping container buildings happen

They're cheap and everywhere. But the big steel boxes aren't as good a fit for human habitation as all those design competitions suggest.


U.S. restaurants are terrible at getting wasted food to the hungry. Can we change that?

It makes a lot of sense for restaurants to donate uneaten food to the poor, yet most throw it out.

Climate & Energy

Want your energy efficiency program to succeed? Aim it at poor people

A new study traces how California's energy conservation programs play out differently depending on the wealth of the recipients.