News of the impending Asian Carp invasion of the Great Lakes is sobering. But I have a solution. Are you listening, Maine Lobsterman’s Association?

These fish have been clogging waterways and outcompeting native fish up and down the Mississippi River system ever since they escaped the fish farms where they were used to clean tanks of unwanted algae. This according to a story in the Guardian which also says that 9 of every 10 fish in some stretches of the river are now carp, which “eat up to 40 percent of their body weight in a single day. By sucking up so much goodness from the water they deprive the juveniles of native species of their primary source of food, leading to their decline.”

While not every kind of invasive species poses a problem, and I don’t buy the hysteria surrounding the invasive species debate, I think this problem warrants concern and action, and not just among those who make their living as fishing boat captains on the Great Lakes.