A fight over a new coal plant in Mississippi that is heating up this week offers a powerful example of the high cost of coal, both for our wallets and our health. We say it again and again, but it bears repeating.  How long are we going to let the coal industry and their well-funded political friends make us pay for their facilities and pollution, while standing in the way of cleaner and cheaper energy, like wind power?

The latest dangerous political theater comes from Mississippi, where MS Power is attempting to build an experimental coal plant (IGCC) in Kemper County, Mississippi, along with a huge lignite coal mine. The nearly $3 billion plant is saddled with hundreds of millions of dollars in cost overruns and is several months behind schedule. Even worse, the plant will provide power for a small group of ratepayers (186,000) while hitting those ratepayers’ bills with increases of anywhere from 33 to 61 percent!

Sierra Club has been actively opposing this plant for more than three years and our activists and volunteers have won several victories along the way, in true David and Goliath fashion –but the fight’s far from over.