As state regulators prepare to make a major decision on the future of a proposed Indiana coal plant with a $3.5 billion price tag, this week the Sierra Club and allies released a new poll and report showing that the public is strongly opposed to footing the bill for this over-budget boondoggle. Duke Energy is expecting its Indiana customers to pay for a new coal plant that’s now $1.5 billion over-budget and will emit an estimated four million tons of climate-disrupting carbon pollution every year.

The 618-megawatt Edwardsport, Indiana, Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Generating Facility (IGCC) is a $3.554 billion monument to cost overruns, concealment, mismanagement and malfeasance. That’s according to our new report produced in partnership with Citizens Action Coalition and other Indiana allies.

Duke’s justification for building the Edwardsport IGCC coal plant rested on environmental and economic grounds: the plant was touted as the next best thing in “clean” coal construction and a cost-effective hedge for Indiana ratepayers. Sadly for Indiana, Duke kept neither of these promises. Duke will make no attempt to mitigate the millions of additional tons of carbon pollution that will be emitted by the facility.