While the East Coast still struggled to recover from Superstorm Sandy, a Nov. 13th Climate Risk Roundtable  convened in San Francisco to explore the challenges of keeping society’s vital systems running as the climate grows more turbulent.

Under the auspices of the Pacific Coast Collaborative (PCC) composed of the chief executives of the West Coast states and British Columbia, the gathering drew over 50 representatives of public agencies and NGOs grappling with the critical issues of climate risk and resiliency. Scheduled well in advance of Sandy, the roundtable focused on infrastructure, the circulatory systems that make modern life possible. Submerged New York subways, blacked out Long Island neighborhoods and New Jersey gas lines formed a powerful backdrop to the meeting.

“The issue is timely, with Hurricane Sandy devastating the East Coast,” noted Wade Crowfoot of California Gov. Jerry Brown’s office in remarks opening the meeting. “We have a great opportunity to spur climate initiatives, an opportunity that doesn’t exist elsewhere in Canada or the U.S.”