Exxon brightens tone

Exxon is going to change the tone, but not the substance, of its position on global warming. Tone’s what matters, right?

Brave and heroic

Only not

Greg Sargent responds to Joe Klein’s “dirty hippies are correct but I’m still no dirty hippie” post: To look into the mirror and see a brave and heroic pundit staring back, of course, you need to flatter yourself into believing …

I'm not saying. I'm just saying.

In which I’m right about everything

From my top stories of 2006:: California has always kicked the rest of the nation’s ass on environmental policy. Today: Continuing his historic leadership to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and lower California’s reliance on foreign oil, Governor Schwarzenegger today …

<em>Two Square Miles</em> to be re-aired tonight on PBS

Check your local listings for details

If you missed your chance in November to catch Two Square Miles, the documentary about the community in Hudson, N.Y., fighting off construction of a major cement factory, you may be in luck. Sam Pratt, an activist involved in the …

Now ethanol (not biodiesel) from palms

Malaysian company may build an additional 12 plants

According to recent press reports, a Malaysian company, Pioneer Bio Industries Corp. Sdn. Bhd., is about to begin building what it claims will be the world's first plant to commercially produce fuel ethanol from nipah palms (Nypa fruiticans), also known …

Supreme Court to examine Endangered Species Act

Justices agree to hear Defenders of Wildlife case

Environmental law appears to be a hot commodity in the Roberts Court. While the justices continue to deliberate about global warming, they agreed (PDF) on Friday to add another hot-button environmental issue to their agenda: the Endangered Species Act. Setting …

Give Grist Bloggie nom, help boost fragile self-esteem

Go! Now! Vote!

So I’m surfin’ the internets and whaddyaknow, I happen upon the nominations page for the Seventh Annual Weblog Awards. The Bloggies honor the very best blogs out there — and all the winners are chosen by the public. That would …

Enemy at the Gates

Gates Foundation invests in polluting companies that undermine its health goals The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation spends more than a billion dollars a year on promoting global health — but it invests billions more in polluting companies that cause …

Opening ourselves up to criticism

Stop worrying about it

There may be good reasons not to frame global warming as a certain, imminent catastrophe that requires immediate mobilization — what Matthew Nisbet calls the "Pandora’s Box" frame. I’ve argued myself that fear is not the green’s friend in the …