Subsidies: The good, bad, and the ugly

Possibly the most important environmental issue out there

Understanding the role subsidies play in environmental outcomes is crucial; I would argue that it is the most important environmental policy issue of all. So here's a very quick primer.

A green superhero?

And I’m not talking about the Green Lantern or Green Arrow

By all rights, being the science-fiction-loving computer geek that I am, I should be a comics fan. But I'm not, and need not be to know that Captain America is ... [spoiler alert!] ... dead. As The New York Times …

On the Ball: Sports, illustrated

SI loves us, we love them

Sports Illustrated finds Grist “superbly entertaining,” and we must say we feel the same way about them. Appreciative ass pat, SI. We are particularly big fans of their cover story this week, headlined “Going, Going Green,” although we think we …

An opportunity for reflection

I know the issue of Gore's carbon emissions has already been a subject of discussion here on Grist, but this recent article in USA Today raised my eyebrows even more. Gore gets 20K a year from zinc mine concessions? From …

Picking on the green home building cheerleaders

The real tipping point? Maybe?

The claim in a McGraw Hill NAHB report that green homebuilding will reach a tipping point in 2007 has gotten a fair amount of attention (like CNN Money and USA Today): Green building will reach its tipping point -- the …

How green it biz

NYT does green-biz special section

Today’s New York Times features a special green business section, highlighting a number of companies and biz leaders who are getting hip to environmentalism. "Friend of Nature? Let’s See Those Shoes" looks at the greening of consumer goods from yogurt …

Environmental web suckage

I’ve been having fun playing with for a while — though as with all these traffic ranking sites, it’s a bit obscure how they come by their numbers. They say it’s "a unique methodology created by experts in the …

It's alive! Aliiive!

Using nuclear power to extract oil

Nuclear plants to generate enough power to extract oil from Canadian tar sands. Makes total sense.

TXU bleg

Rumblings and grumblings are afoot that the big TXU deal is not quite the unqualified victory for environmentalists that some enthusiastic bloggers made it out to be. I have neither the time nor inclination nor knowledge to get into the …