Oh. My. God.

I repeat: OMFG. (via TP)

Grist on BusinessWeek

Over at BusinessWeek Online, they're doing a series of podcast interviews about blogs. Today they're running an interview with yours truly about the green blogosphere. How much Grist hype can a person squeeze into five minutes? Click to find out!

Funny vision of a hopeful future

RenewUS has posted a newscast from 2055. It's funny in the vein of Gore's SOTU on SNL.

Americans and Climate Change: Packaging climate change as an energy issue

"Americans and Climate Change: Closing the Gap Between Science and Action" (PDF) is a report synthesizing the insights of 110 leading thinkers on how to educate and motivate the American public on the subject of global warming. Background on the report here. I'll be posting a series of excerpts (citations have been removed; see original report). If you'd like to be involved in implementing the report's recommendations, or learn more, visit the Yale Project on Climate Change website. Below the fold is the bulk of the report's third chapter, "Packaging climate change as an energy issue." It discusses how climate change can piggy-back on growing energy concerns. Tomorrow's excerpt will discuss the dangers of that strategy.

Grist in Slate

Our very own Maximum Leader Chip and our very own Maximum Story Editor Katharine have a piece in Slate today on the basics of global warming. Consider that seas worldwide have risen 4 to 8 inches in the last century, causing Massachusetts alone to lose 65 acres a year. They're expected to rise another 3.5 to 34.6 inches by 2100. Even moderate estimates allow for an 18-inch increase. More than half of U.S. residents live in coastal areas. We're not in Kansas anymore, but maybe we should be. Hee hee. Read the whole thing.

Contribute to Universal Climate Skeptic Response Project

Over at WorldChanging they're pushing the "debate is over" notion we've been talking about (here and here) to another level -- compiling a "Universal Climate Skeptic Response Post" to act as catchall answer to those who want to keep the conversation stuck in debate terms. They're asking for help (and have already gotten a lot). I'm sure folks here have lots of good ideas and resources to add in.

The Mustache waxes poetic about America’s innovators

And finally, completing our tour of tomorrow's NYT, The Mustache of Understanding points out that even though the government has not launched the much-discussed Manhattan Project for energy, there is in fact a "distributed Manhattan Project" going on as we speak, powered by American entrepreneurs:

Hillary maneuvering against Gore?

Of course you can't read it because it's behind the NYT $ wall, but Maureen Dowd speculates that Hillary's big speech today on energy and the environment was a bid to divert some of the spotlight that's been cast on Gore lately. Maybe, maybe not. But if presidential candidates start competing to show who can be most bold on the energy issue, we will all benefit.

Easterbrook accepts global warming

Gregg Easterbrook magnanimously concedes that global warming is, in fact, real. So all of us who have been warning about it for years -- pushing against dimwits like Gregg Easterbrook -- are now, retroactively, by His Own Centrist Grace, transmuted from "alarmists" to reasonable people. Thanks, Gregg.

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