BREAKING: Gore still not running!

But he’s losing weight!

Yes, the D.C. political corps has managed to squeeze yet another story out of the fact that Gore isn’t running, or completely ruling out running, for president (a state of affairs that has held steady for well over a year …

Experts not optimistic about Iraq War

Are you?

It feels a bit odd to "recommend" something that will make you want to slit your wrists, but those of you with the intestinal fortitude should check out this Rolling Stone expert roundtable on the Iraq War endgame. It’s … …

Did you hear about the Arctic ice?

Turns out it’s melting. And it’s going to screw up the weather in Western Europe and the northern U.S. But then again, Al Gore is fat.

Global opinion warming

An international poll points to a window of opportunity for U.S. leadership.

A new international poll finds worldwide agreement that climate change is a threat. Opinions are split, however on the nuts and bolts -- in particular, whether to act immediately and whether countermeasures are worth the investment. Even so, a window …

Dion burnishing his green cred

Woe, Canada

Canada, as has been pointed out on this blog before, does not have the greatest record when it comes to climate change -- or the environment generally, for that matter. Dramatically increasing production of tar-sands oil has meant that Canada, …

And you thought a Twinkie was junk food?

Still got the ‘mmmm’ factor

Over at Chews Wise, one of our contributors attended a book party in New York last night that featured a tasting of "gourmet" Twinkies, organic-vegan Twinkies, and the off-the-shelf commercial version.

If there is a mine at the bottom of the ocean, and no one is there to see it, does it still have an

Wired reports on undersea mining plans

Speaking of mining and threats to marine life, Wired is reporting that there is the potential for a huge undersea gold rush and very few environmental groups seem concerned:

Urban agriculture (peri-, sub-, or otherwise)

Not your father’s backyard garden

Is there an urban, suburban, or peri-urban garden in your community, where you can sustainably produce or buy fresh local produce? Well, I think there should be, and I'm not alone. As part of my interest in "eating local," I …

Activists occupying WV governor offices

Demanding action on elementary school below coal slurry pond

Gristmill readers have heard before about Marsh Fork Elementary school, in Raleigh County, West Virginia, perched about 300 feet downhill from a massive, leaking coal refuse dam holding back billions of gallons of toxic coal slurry (click below the fold …