Canadian business: 'Please send Mexicans'

Skills shortage in Alberta

From the unfolding saga of "how Canada can suck ever more oil from the ground" we get this little news item: Canada and Mexico should accelerate efforts to import temporary Mexican energy workers to alleviate the skills shortage in Alberta …

An Inconvenient Truth triumphs at the Oscars, and more

Read the articles mentioned at the end of the podcast: Texas Fold ‘Em Martin Who? They’ve Had Their Filament Kenya Screw Me Now? Anything You Can’t Do I Can’t Do Better Read the articles mentioned at the end of the …


No, it’s not a disease

Gesundheit. I know biofuels are terrible and will starve us, but check out this Newsweek article on Jatropha. When I was in the Peace Corps in Guinee-Bissau, we used this to grow living fences to keep the goats out of …

Gore a winner ... but for how long?

Laugh. Groan.

And the Oscar-recount jokes keep on coming ...

Al Gore's iTunes playlist

Surprisingly hip

Because the world demands it, here is Al Gore’s (surprisingly hip) iTunes playlist (via Ecorazzi): Track One: I Need To Wake Up, by Melissa Etheridge (From An Inconvenient Truth) "There are many of Melissa Etheridge’s songs I could choose to …

Will Schwarzenegger run for Senate against Boxer?

Probably not, despite rumors

Rumor’s going around that Arnie, term-limited from continuing in the governor’s manse after 2010, may run for Senate against Barbara Boxer. A long discussion by Paul Hogarth examines all the angles and concludes that, eh, probably not. (hat tip: reader …

Gore parties with the glitterati

Sean Hannity’s not going to be happy about this.

The Western Regional Climate Action Initiative

The left coast’s answer to RGGI

The big news of the day is the fact that five Western governors have agreed to enter into a cap-and-trade system: the Western Regional Climate Action Initiative. We’ve now got bicoastal cap-and-trade systems. C’mon, Midwest. You know you want to.

Michael Boots, director of the Seafood Choices Alliance, answers Grist’s questions

Michael Boots. With what environmental organization are you affiliated? I am the director of the Seafood Choices Alliance, which is the largest program of the communications-based organization SeaWeb. What does your organization do? Seafood Choices Alliance is a global trade …