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Birth of a new feature

Technical note: The Topics features mentioned below no longer are supported on Grist. As Dave noted yesterday, we rolled out a new site feature last weekend, and although we simply call it “topics,” it’s something we’ve been working on for …

For the Love of … You Know

Religious leaders urge Congress, Bush to act on climate change After millennia of mistrust and conflict, the world’s religions might be united by … climate change? In an open letter published today in two Capitol Hill newspapers, the leaders of …

U.S. tries to sentence eco-activists as terrorists, and more

Read the news items highlighted in this week’s podcast: Trouble With a Capital B Murdoch, She Wrote Or Are You Just Happy to Sue Me? Clarion Caller Remember When Driving Was Fun? Plus, He Made That Boat Sink Read the …

Umbra on cane toads

Dear Umbra, I’m currently studying in Australia. I was recently in Queensland, where as you probably know, cane toads are a huge problem. There are over 200 million of the toxic toads, and this invasive species has been killing off …


Ooohhh … pretty.

A funny

You decide if the following web comic applies to any viewpoint you are familiar with.

Friday music blogging: Dolorean

You know what’s nice on a sleepy Friday afternoon? A love song. Here’s one of my favorite love songs of the last decade: “Dying In Time,” by Dolorean. (They have a fantastic new album called You Can’t Win, but this …

‘Close your eyes’

Don’t miss Tom Engelhardt’s elegiac graduation speech. I cringe to think what I might have to tell a graduating class in 10 or 20 years.

So That’s Why Their Little Hearts Beat So Fast

New hummingbird species discovered, imperiled by cocaine trade It’s hard out here for a gorgeted puffleg. The hummingbird species with the fabulous name was just discovered in southwestern Colombia, where farmers slash and burn 1,235 acres of cloud-forest habitat every …