Can you fuel me now?

Biodiesel for cell phone towers not all good

Here's a Reuters piece about using locally grown crops to power remote cell phone towers in areas of the developing world. Always walking that fine line between reality and pessimism, I have a few thoughts …

<em>Science</em> update

The latest issue is full of goodies

This month's issue of Science gave me lots of food for thought. There was an article about Edmund Phelps, who just won the 2006 Nobel Prize in economics. It tells us that the U.S. swept …

For all the oil-cuddling strumpets out there

An insult generator for tree-huggers

Inspired by Mark Peters' piece on tree-hugging and name-calling, a dear reader and his friend converted an Elizabethan insult generator into a Conservative insult generator and then into a combined Elizabethan-Conservative insult generator. So there, …

U.S. Catholic Bishops on global warming

They’re on board

I read the statement below after a round of knocking on church doors to pitch a local screening of The Great Warming to pastors and priests -- yes, thank you, I did feel a bit …

The cost of everything

Business as usual is expensive too

Will global warming eventually cost the world's economy $12 trillion? I've got no clue. I mean, even the specialists who've studied the economic impacts of climate change have no real idea. The latest figure is …

Christians bring hope for the planet

A guest essay by Melanie Griffin

We present a guest essay from Melanie Griffin, director of Sierra Club's Partnerships Program. ----- I've been a "professional environmentalist" for 25 years now. While the right wing paints a picture of environmentalists as negative …

Six degrees of Bill Moyers

The Great Warming pops up in Moyers’ special

It may only have been a couple of establishing shots, but when America's great documentarian gives you the nod, baby, that's legit. This brief brush with fame came during the PBS Moyers on America special …

The economist

Tips to save energy

I wish I'd written this: an energy economist's seven-point prescription for using energy more efficiently.

It begins

Read the last item of today's Daily Grist. Then read this post (by me) a while back. I'm just saying.