Inhofe: Global warming a Weather Channel conspiracy

Fearmongering hippies!

Damn liberal media.

Chris Rock on the '08 elections

Al Gore: Not retarded

Chris Rock, in this week’s issue of Life, on the ’08 elections: LIFE: In the first movie you directed, Head of State, you were president of the United States. Is this country ready for an African American president? ROCK: It’s …

The latest on 'creation care'

Did you know ‘biodiversity’ means gay marriage?

Over at The New Republic, Brad Plumer has a nice rundown on the whole green evangelical “creation care” thing. Most of it is probably familiar to readers of this site, but some bits are worth pulling out. First of all, …

The Mackenzie Valley pipe dream

Why it hasn’t gotten anywhere

For two generations now, various governments and corporations have been trying to build a pipeline to bring natural gas from the Mackenzie River delta north of the Arctic Circle, south to consumers in the Canadian provinces, and potentially to the …

Here come the law students

Across the country, legal students rally to beat global warming

The Gore Tour Stops in D.C. This coming Sunday, former Vice President, Oscar winner, and rock 'n' roll organizer Al Gore will address a group of more than 400 leading CEOs, COOs, nonprofit leaders, politicians, court justices, attorneys general, law …

Save the polar bears!

I can’t believe I just wrote that line

A (projected) group of thousands of people representing 45 environmental and other organizations will be convening in Washington, D.C., next Tuesday to tell our reps on Capital Hill that we want action on climate change now — before it’s too …

Solar-powered lawn-mowing service

Kids these days

Seriously. These guys recharge their electric mowers with solar panels on top of their vans. Crazy kids. What will they come up with next?

UAW opposes new CAFE standards

Even with the proposal as low as 4 percent per year

This sad but predictable. The UAW has consistently been one of the most anti-environmental unions in the country. What excuse they can come up with now that climate change is an established fact and U.S. automakers are getting creamed by …

Poll: Texas hearts solar

Hard sell? Maybe not

Last week, The New York Times published an article that rhetorically posed this question: If the 11 coal-fired power plants proposed by TXU are kaput, and the state continues to experience record growth, where is the new energy going to …