Nuclear plant licensed

This was inevitable: ALBUQUERQUE -- The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued its first license for a major commercial nuclear facility in 30 years, allowing an international consortium to build what will be the nation's first private fuel source for commercial nuclear power plants. Construction of the $1.5 billion National Enrichment Facility, under review for the past 2 1/2 years, could begin in August, and the plant could be ready to sell enriched uranium by early 2009, said James Ferland, president of the consortium of nuclear companies, Louisiana Energy Services. This is laughable:

Blogs and gatekeepers

Blog democracy scares the pants off of media traditionalists.

This ignorant blather about green blogs echoes many, many similar critiques from crusty old farts who fear the democratization of media. Without the "gatekeepers" of the traditional media, they cry, why, just anything can be published! By anyone! Even someone of ... low upbringing! Indeed, Mr. Ladle fears that unless the onrush of rabble is tamed and domesticated, "we run the risk of creating a generation of eco-illiterate consumers and voters at a crucial time for the Earth's diminishing resources." Yes, we wouldn't want to risk that. Why damage all the fine work the established media has done educating consumers and voters about environmental matters?

Getting beyond the debate

Um, actually it matters whether global warming is human-caused or not.

Yesterday, President Bush said: There's a debate over whether (global warming) is manmade or naturally caused. We ought to get beyond that debate and start implementing the technologies necessary to enable us to achieve a couple of big objectives -- one, be good stewards of the environment; two, become less dependent on foreign sources of oil for economic reasons and for national security reasons. I've heard him mention "getting beyond" that debate before, and it doesn't make sense to me. This doesn't seem like the kind of debate that can just be put aside. If it's the case that human activity is driving rapid global warming, then obviously scaling back GHG emissions should be our first priority. If it's the case that human activity isn't driving global warming -- that warming is part of a natural cycle -- then reducing GHG emissions isn't a priority at all.

Scientists: Gore is right

Ah, so the MSM isn't useless after all! This AP story by my beloved Seth Borenstein is just delicious: WASHINGTON - The nation's top climate scientists are giving "An Inconvenient Truth," Al Gore's documentary on global warming, five stars for accuracy. But wait! What do conservative op-ed writers think about it? Where's the balance, Borenstein? And just to further tickle me, we get this little jab at the end: While more than 1 million people have seen the movie since it opened in May, that does not include Washington's top science decision makers. President Bush said he won't see it. The heads of the Environmental Protection Agency and NASA haven't seen it, and the president's science adviser said the movie is on his to-see list. Scrumptious. (via TP)

Alternative fuel stations

Where in the U.S. are they?

MapMuse can help you find the country's ethanol 85 and biodiesel filling stations. 650ish E85 stations, 350 biodiesel stations, and counting.

Pollster accepts thermodynamics; blogosphere swoons

All right, that's three blogs now (one, two, three) that have found it notable that GOP pollster Frank Luntz -- he of the infamous memo -- has accepted the science of global warming. Why is this significant? He's a pollster, a political strategist. His opinion on global warming is no more significant than, say, the thousands of scientists who have actually, you know, done original research on the subject. Unlike the right, the left has never gained a full appreciation for the power of disdain. Another dead-ender finally sensed the political winds shifting? Fine, he can move up to the long bus. But otherwise, so what.

The Blue Man Group on global warming

Sudden Impact

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At Least the Bugs Are Dead

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