Happy New Year!

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Far above the golden clouds, the darkness vibrates The earth is blue And everything about it is a love song — Paul Simon

20 predictions for 2007

Every one destined to be 100% correct

Last week I reviewed the top ten green stories of 2006. But looking back is easy. What’s going to happen in 2007? I have no clue. But being wrong carries no penalty in U.S. punditry, so I’m going to make …

My New Year's resolution: Learning to love the nanny state

Time for greens to get over their fear of big government

In a recent post, Ron Steenblik wrote: Indeed, I am generally a skeptic of heavy-handed market manipulation. A perfectly reasonable position for environmentalists in general to take, especially after the history of Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Corn, etc. using …

New Year's resolution: What have we learned?


Another year has come and gone and environmentalists of all stripes have good reason to be hopeful that 2007 is going to be a lot better for the environment than 2006. As we prepare for important work in the areas …

Alternative energy on Charlie Rose

Good stuff

Here’s the line-up from Friday night’s episode of the Charlie Rose Show: Segment 1: The pursuit of alternative energy and breakthroughs in green technology with John Doerr of Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, Scott McNealy of Sun Microsystems, and K.R. …

CIA not totally clueless

New report indicates

Here's an amusingly giddy account of a recent report released by CIA types: "National Security Consequences of U.S. Oil Dependency." Oil Drum covered it back when it came out, but if you haven't had a look, do check it out. …

Fighting for table scraps

60 groups fight for modest energy efficiency budget

Wow, this is sad: In a letter sent today to the Members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives Committees on Appropriations, 60 business, environmental, and faith-based organizations urged Congress to reject the White House Fiscal Year 2007 (FY07) …


I am shocked -- shocked! -- to learn that not a single Gristmill post appeared in the top ten posts of 2006. What about my classic post on cogeneration? The kids went crazy over that one!

Good stuff on energy

In the NYT and Sierra

Congrats to The New York Times for its excellent "Energy Challenge" series, which Revkin tells me will be an ongoing concern for the paper into the new year. It's packed with info and marks the decisive mainstreaming of this debate. …