Plumb Crazy

U.S. EPA considers delisting lead as an air pollutant That sound you hear? It’s jaws dropping everywhere in response to the U.S. EPA’s announcement that it might stop regulating lead as an air pollutant. Citing …

More subsidies needed to compete with subsidized subsidizations

The ethanol game

Here is an article I found in the Renewable Energy Access bulletin asking for further government subsidization of cellulosic ethanol so it can compete with other subsidized biofuels. It gave me an idea. I looked …

We're doomed!

The enduring attraction of apocalyptic predictions

I'm sure I'll eventually forgive Toby Hemenway at Energy Bulletin for writing -- before I did, and better than I could have -- a cogent and eloquent analysis of the apocalyptic bent of those concerned …

Treehugger on Oprah

Educating housewives

Treehugger TV's Simran Sethi was on Oprah for a short segment yesterday in a show devoted to global warming. Al Gore was on as well, and in passing Oprah referred to him as "our Noah" …

Search the web? Love Grist?

Two great tastes that taste great together!

If y'all want to do something nice for Grist without, you know, spending any money, you could bookmark GoodSearch as your main search site (or install the toolbar widget on your browser). Tell it to …

Ranking carbon offset provi... hey, where you going?

A new report ranks offset providers, all bogus-like

A new report (PDF) purporting to rank carbon offset providers has just been released. It was commissioned by Cool Air-Cool Planet and put together by Trexler Climate + Energy Services, a consulting firm run by …

Victoria's Secret bares all with new catalog policy

But other mail-order mags lag behind in setting eco-standards

Intimate-apparel maker Victoria's Secret, beloved by teenage boys everywhere, sends out more than a million catalogs a day. There's a catalog for every season (because you can't just wear pastels year round) and every sale …

ADM's air-tight business model

Rising sugar prices mean even more profit for the ethanol king.

In today's Main Dish, I attempt to lay out the long and twisted tale of Archer Daniels Midland's government-aided hijacking of the nation's biofuel market. (A while back, during the Poverty and the Environment series, …

The karma train's a-comin'

Watch out, EPA dudes!

Kevin Drum flags this little bit from the latest Evans-Novak Political Report: