More on carbon offsets

The debate that has all the kids talking!

There’s been quite a bit of back and forth here recently about the merits of carbon offsets. Those interested in the subject should check out this new piece in the New York Times. It does an effective job of laying …

Big Picture TV revamped

Goes Web 2.0

Big Picture TV, whose tagline is "talking heads, talking sense," has relaunched its website with a significantly improved design and a nicely implemented tag system (coming soon to a Grist page near you!). They've migrated to Flash-based videos that can …

WSJ energy blog

It’s new

The Wall Street Journal has just started a blog devoted to energy news, which unlike the rest of its content appears to be free. FYI.

New Gristmill search

How do you likey?

As many of you probably noticed over the last few years, the search function on Gristmill suuuuuu[time-lapse photography of sun rising and setting]uuuuucked. The blog is based on Scoop, and the search was just Scoop’s out-of-the-box search, which, I say …

Climate change awareness video featuring pissy kid

What do you think?

The other day I mentioned Energy [R]evolution, a new report/initiative from Greenpeace around renewable energy and emission reductions. I highly recommend it. I’m afraid I can’t muster similar enthusiasm for this video they made to go along with it, though: …

It's like the Saudi Arabia of solar energy

Only it’s Abu Dhabi

Except it's Abu Dhabi investing $350 million in a 500 MW solar plant. My colleague JP Ross just traveled there and met with those guys -- they are serious as a heart attack about building large-scale, central-station solar power. When …

Crichton on Charlie Rose

No, you watch it

Michael Crichton appeared on Charlie Rose last night, for an hour of conversation in defense of his global warming skepticism. I have not seen it, and don’t think I’d be physically capable of sitting through the whole thing anyway. Michael …

Ethanol vs. the 4H


File this under "A sign of things to come." A coworker here at Orion magazine buys corn to feed his daughter's sheep, and he reports that his supplier is in a quandary about how to afford the stuff himself these …

Carbon taxes vs. emissions trading: politics and other practical problems

Rebutting some common criticisms of the carbon tax

Charles Komanoff's excellent work on carbon taxes vs. emission trading tends to attract certain frequent objections. This is an attempt to answer some of them: Cap and trade is the way we do things now. Politically, we can never win …