The best offense is a good offense

Climate change politics is in flux

Ha. I claimed just below that policymakers are unusually open to climate and energy issues right now -- and five seconds later I stumbled across a Reuters article: "Climate change catching voter attention around world." To wit:

Summer Rayne sez give to Grist

And support grinning green journalism in the new year.

Read what Summer Rayne Oakes -- model, hottie, and eco-advocate -- has to say on Grist's behalf, and the cool clothes she wants to give you. There's also a video. And a bike. And a Grand Canyon hike. Oh, the …

The wages of 'energy security'

Home-grown and filthy energy

Kill me. Just kill me. Coal-to-liquids will emerge as a key player in a push by congressional Democrats next year for alternatives to foreign oil, two Washington energy analysts say in a report today. But CTL technologies that draw transportation …

A moment of silence

The white dolphin known as baiji, shy and nearly blind, dates back some 20 million years. Its disappearance is believed to be the first time in a half-century, since hunting killed off the Caribbean monk seal, that a large aquatic …

Situation Normal, All Ducked Up

Feds won’t make livestock-identification plan mandatory Surprising exactly no one, a federal plan to track all U.S. livestock with ID tags remains controversial with farmers. Surprising some, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has given up on making it mandatory. Intended …

Travis Bradford responds

To y’all readers, that is

On Nov. 30, we published an interview with Travis Bradford, author of Solar Revolution: The Economic Transformation of the Global Energy Industry and founder of the Prometheus Institute for Sustainable Development. The interview was reprinted on Alternet, where it kicked …

Grow Forth and Multiply

Can U.S. corn farmers fill both bellies and tanks?

The boom in corn-based ethanol seems like good news for farmers, who suddenly face growing demand for their crop. But is there enough corn to go around? And will surging demand mean surging prices for consumers? Tom Philpott addresses the …

Nuckin' futs

JibJab’s latest

The fellows at JibJab have put up their latest animation. It's a fairly apt and amusing summary of 2006, though I am surprised to see Al Gore and his movie escape mention:

Local, organic, fairtrade: Better for the environment?

Maybe, maybe not

This is why I love the Economist magazine. They take cutting edge issues and put a monkey wrench in conventional thinking. Turns out, organic food is not always better for the environment, fair trade may actually exacerbate poverty in some …