What nuclear must do

It ain’t just ‘beat coal’

The Oil Drum has a long and technically rich piece on the pros and cons of nuclear power (updated and reposted from last year) by Martin Sevior, an Associate Professor at the School of Physics in the University of Melbourne. …

Profiles in courage: Blue Dog Democrats edition

Behold the mighty ag subsidies

As you probably know, Rep. Jack Murtha is trying to tie new funding for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to a set of requirements: equipment and training standards, time off standards, no more stop-loss programs, no more extended tours, etc. …

Have Some Class: Sustainability is sexy

UW students use sex to sell green idea

"The UW is bringing sexy back," the Seattle P-I story begins. Well, you’ve piqued my interest. The story goes on to describe the Young Democrats’ "Sustainability Is Sexy" campaign to get students to bring their own coffee cups to campus. …

America's Next Top Vegan

ANTM premiere features vegan photoshoot

Alright, y’all know by now that I have a train-wreck-type fascination with bad TV. A Manhattan socialite sent to live and work on a rural hog farm for two weeks? I’m in. Tim Gunn telling a wannabe fashion designer to …

How they operate

Board Gomez’s biodiesel tour bus

What was it like boarding the Gomez tour bus last year to chat with Tom Gray about the band’s efforts to go green? Well, a bit like this:

Scientists pop the lid on a Pandora's Box in Antarctic waters

Global warming sheds light on uncharted frontier

Captain Kirk said that space is the final frontier. But scientists studying marine life throughout a newly revealed portion of the Antarctic sea floor, which had been buried under solid ice for the last five millennia before global warming kicked …

E. O. Wilson on the move

Can religion help save our biodiversity?

I listened to a lecture given by E.O. Wilson at the Harvard Divinity School a couple of weeks ago. I guess I'm spoiled by the slick documentaries on the Discovery Channel, and by the internet. For me, listening to a …

Pollan-Mackey smackdown turns lovefest

Foodie kisses all around

We've got a pretty funny take over at Chews Wise on what went down at the Mackey-Pollan debate last night: It turned out to be more of a mutual love fest than a smackdown.

New frontiers in climate change mitigation


Here’s an idea that hadn’t occurred to me: A former Canadian defense minister is demanding governments worldwide disclose and use secret alien technologies obtained in alleged UFO crashes to stem climate change, a local paper said Wednesday. … Alien spacecrafts …