Have Some Class: And ... they're offset!

Middlebury’s nordic ski team goes climate neutral

The Middlebury College Nordic Ski Team is starting off the athletic season with a clear conscience. Well aware of how global warming could eliminate their sport altogether, the team is going green to protect the …

Pombo in trouble?

CQ analysis of race shifts

Stranger things have happened.

When enough is enough

Craigslist founder teaches us a lesson

What if everyone in America thought like Craig? The founder of craigslist, the free social networking and classifieds Web site, said on Thursday he is not interested in selling out, a few hours after social …

Is Alaska a model of sustainable fisheries?

A former fisherman responds to David Benton’s Q&A

Following Grist's Q&A with David Benton of the Marine Conservation Alliance, George Pletnikoff -- a former fisherman who now works with Greenpeace -- wrote to respond to some of Benton's points, arguing that the Alaskan …

Inhofe strikes back

Battles it out with recalcitrant CNN anchor

Check out the video of Sen. James Inhofe appearing on the cable news show of Miles O'Brien, the very CNN anchor that slammed his wackadoo speech from a few weeks ago. It's ... tense. Inhofe …

Good news on ivory bills, bad news on border fence, and more

Read the articles mentioned at the end of the podcast: Anyone Got an Extra PFD? Bluster’s Last Stand The Amazing Technicolor Dream Cote Bird Mentality Tender Loving Caribou Read the articles mentioned at the end …


Bush’s approval rating loooow in California

FWIW: Bush's approval rating in California dropped to 29 percent in last week's Field Poll - even one in four Republicans says he's doing a poor job.

The battle for conservation science

Perilous state of Yellowstone’s grizzlies highlights need for solid science in policy-makin

The perilous state of Yellowstone's grizzly-bear population highlights the need for solid science in policy-making, argues Doug Honnold in this guest essay. Honnold, managing attorney of the Earthjustice Northern Rockies office, has been litigating public-interest …

Lieberman's new friends

There goes the neighborhood

Buried in Robert Novak's latest column is this gem: George W. Bush moved a step closer to Democratic Sen. Joseph Lieberman's re-election bid in Connecticut as an independent candidate when Tom Kuhn, the president's college …