Edwards goes carbon neutral

Setting a standard for other candidates, perhaps?

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards announced this week that his campaign is going carbon neutral. “Global warming is an emergency and we can’t wait until the next president is elected to take action,” said Edwards in a press release. “Each …

Africa - Europe rail line

A step closer to trains replacing plane journeys

A Morocco-Spain Chunnel will provide a land rail link between Africa and Europe. John McGrath asks if a China-Africa link will follow, and then a railway across the Bering Strait. Maybe in the long run we can link most of …

Two things that aren’t green, but rule

Just to give you some respite from all the, you know, earth-this earth-that:

Moving the Kyoto successor up

A new Gore idea

Short but intriguing: Former US Vice-President Al Gore called on Tuesday for Kyoto countries to bring forward by two years the start date of a new global warming treaty, to 2010, given the urgency of the global warming problem. ….. …

Poll finds worldwide agreement that climate change is a threat

Public divided over whether costly steps are needed

From the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA): An international poll finds widespread agreement that climate change is a pressing problem. This majority, however, divides over whether the problem of global warming is urgent enough to require immediate, costly measures …

A reminder seeks an enterprising, sharp-witted, D.C.-based reporter to track and break environmental news in the political and policy arenas. We are seeking to hire an outstanding candidate as soon as possible. Job description: Grist’s political reporter will combine the best …

Kudos to Fox News

Yeah, you heard me

Yes, you heard me right. Kudos to Fox News:

Will Pelosi abandon deadline for climate legislation?

A teasing hint

Toward the end of an article on John Dingell’s ongoing CAFE obstructionism and the prospects of a cap-and-trade system getting through his committee, The Hill drops this tantalizing tidbit: It is a complex enough issue that Dingell has sought and …

Minimal standards for those that make the ultimate sacrifice

Not in hog heaven

This piece in the New York Times should be of particular interest to environmentalists, because the pig industry is one of the most environmentally destructive in the nation. In addition to the need for massive regulation of the seas of …