Mike Huckabee can’t make up his mind about ethanol

The GOP presidential hopeful has been a vocal supporter of the ethanol industry -- except when he bashes it.

Climate & Energy

Turns out Osama bin Laden had some strong opinions on climate change

Read what bin Laden had to say about global warming and Pakistan.


This woman turned her yard into a farm for an amazing cause

Watch this video for inspirational stories of family, mushroom hunting, and more.

Climate & Energy

The developing world is beating the U.S. at clean energy

Developing countries are poised to lead the world on clean energy investment.


Seattle’s tunneling megamachine is more effed than we thought

Bertha, the tunneling machine drilling beneath downtown, is falling apart.

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I kayaked to Shell and back. Here’s what I learned

The personal met the political in Seattle's Elliott Bay.

you shell not pass

Activists blockade Seattle port to protest Shell’s Arctic drilling plans

Protesters left their kayaks behind and took to the streets to prevent workers from reaching Shell's Polar Pioneer rig, which arrived in the city last week.


Sneakerheads’ souls crumble as their soles crumble

A common sneaker material doesn't play well with water and oxygen -- i.e. Earth's atmosphere.


The world is finally buying less Keurig Krap

Keurig Green Mountain -- maker of throwaway coffee pods in myriad tempting flavors -- is in the middle of a sales crisis.