Obama wants to tax Big Oil and spend the money on green transportation projects

The president is proposing a $10 per barrel oil “fee” and would spend the proceeds on subways, trains, and self-driving cars.


It happened to me: The NFL built a “Super Bowl City” in my city

In honor of the big game, downtown San Francisco has turned into an immaculate temple of beer cans.

The world’s biggest solar plant takes important step forward

Morocco just switched on phase one of a power plan for a million people.


The X-Files, conspiracy theories, and the ‘90s: The inconvenient truth is out there

The new X-Files reboot weaves climate change into its dark web of conspiracy-theory thinking.


Growing forests gobble up carbon like growing teenagers raiding the fridge

Some secondary forests that regrow after deforestation can absorb up to 11 times more carbon than Amazonian old growth forests


San Francisco wants workers to use vacation days to accommodate the Super Bowl

The city that isn't even hosting the game is spending a ton of money to cope with it, and asking workers to, um, pitch in too.

Hillary Clinton and the Flint water crisis

There's more than one reason the Democratic candidate has jumped on this issue.

I Don't Mean to Nag

Should I buy a horsehair mattress?

Let's face it, mattress shopping sucks. But are some options greener than others? Advice maven Umbra Fisk lays down a few important truths.


U.S. food industry workers are pretty forked over

Low wages plague the second largest employer in the U.S.