Climate & Energy

Big Energy has tried to turn people of color against solar power since forever

Happily, more and more people are seeing through the hype.

Climate & Energy

What climate hawks can learn from the midterms: Messaging and money matter

The mainstream media spun the election as a debilitating blow for climate advocates. That's the wrong takeaway.

Preach It

Anti-consumption Pope would rather you knit him something for Christmas

Pope Francis warns world leaders to consider the vital issues of over-consumption and climate change when talking global economics.


Palm-oil giant makes big commitment. Rainforests rejoice

Seventy-five percent of all palm oil will be produced responsibly -- if all the big companies live up to the promises they've now made.


Relax — California isn’t about to dump pesticides on organic farms

A new state report outlines some edge-case scenarios, but mostly, California's pest control strategies do a good job of protecting the interests of green farmers.

Caught Wet-handed

California drought leads to a black market for water

California's worst-in-history drought is creating a whole new revenue stream for water poachers.

Climate & Energy

We’ve never seen so many climate hawks happy at one time

Climate hawks are exhibiting rare displays of optimism on Twitter, thanks to the new U.S-China agreement. See them while they last!

Where There's Smoke ...

Getting stoned in Boulder will now come with a carbon tax

Boulder, in the weed kingdom of Colorado, plans to start charging pot producers extra to offset their carbon costs.

Business & Technology

The “sharing” economy cozies up to subprime auto loans

Bad car loans are nothing new, but they don't move us in any direction we should be wanting to go.

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