drop in the bucket

We’ve only explored 0.0001 percent of the ocean, but that’s about to change.

The deep sea is about to get less mysterious.


Explain your latest award nomination, Grist

The Grist Explainers team gets a nod from the 2016 Online Journalism Awards.

high water

Understanding Louisiana’s big flood risks

As shorelines change, so does the probability of flooding.

sea change

Alaska Native village votes to relocate in the face of rising sea levels

The villagers were nearly split on whether to leave their ancestral home for good.


Sorry, Beverly Hills: You get a subway now

A federal judge just ruled that wealthy NIMBYs couldn’t block a proposed metro extension.

dirty words

Watch this adorable preview for the end of the world

Erosion is the most terrifying and boring problem you’ve never heard about.

c'est la vie

It’ll be hard to toast to the end of the world without champagne

Pour one out for the champagne industry. Wait, don't.

A tip of the hat

7 celebrities we’d like to see #MakeAmericaGreenAgain

This is a crucial election, and the environment is watching.

midwestern battles

Pipeline company gets nasty as it tries to push huge new project through sensitive lands

Police and protesters face off as construction begins on one of the biggest pipelines proposed since Keystone XL.