draw the pipeline

A journalist arrested for filming a pipeline protest could face more prison time than Edward Snowden.

Deia Schlosberg could be sentenced to 45 years in prison.

eats shoots and leaves

This YouTube survivalist can teach you to skin deer and cook rat

Shawn Woods hunts his own meat -- but he doesn't use a gun.

In cold flood

North Carolina is urging people to evacuate — days after Hurricane Matthew.

The storm moved away from the state on Sunday, but North Carolina rivers are still rising.

Eyes on the Prize

Top U.S. climate negotiator warns the world is watching our deplorable election

The Paris climate deal will never be fully “Trump-proof,” Jonathan Pershing says. But rolling back progress wouldn’t be so easy.

Pipe down

Climate activists shut down five tar-sands oil pipelines.

And 10 of them got arrested.

discourse of nature

As ice melts and seas rise, can endangered languages survive?

From Greenland to the Marshall Islands, climate change threatens unique cultures.

You call this justice?

This coal baron is running for governor of West Virginia — and he owes millions in mine safety penalties.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jim Justice also isn't convinced that climate change is happening.

sparking spot

Wildfires aren’t just for the West anymore

As cities expand, so do chances of devastating wildfires.


Meat giant, Tyson Foods, is betting on meat alternatives going big.

The company just bought a stake in veggie steaks.