The Resistance to Trump is real, and it’s been busy

Climate hawks have been at the forefront.

Maryland, Maryland, quite contrary-land

Maryland lawmakers have pushed past their governor’s veto to embrace renewable power.

It's not all about Washington, D.C. States continue to move forward on climate and clean energy initiatives.

where the sidewalk ends

There’s finally a tool for navigating cities that puts people before cars.

It customizes routes for pedestrians based on accessibility and sidewalk conditions.

Let's science the shale out of it

Innovation, not scarcity, could bring us peak oil as soon as 2020.

Projections about our future energy use may be discounting the force of innovation.

What’s causing chaos at the EPA? Trump’s transition officials blame the media.

Leaked emails from officials claim that news reports are "inaccurate."

deep pockets of resistance

Billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer wants to supercharge the resistance.

He'll do everything in his power to stop Trump, he says.

Innovate, Don’t Discriminate

Trump’s ban puts a chill on science and cleantech

Says one Libyan-born U.S. scientist: “This looks bad to me right now … coming from someone who has seen bad.”

The Dakota Access Pipeline is creeping one step closer to completion.

The secretary of the Army has reportedly ordered the Army Corps to issue an easement to allow construction of the final pipeline segment.

House Science Committee takes a page from the Inquisition

The chair, Lamar Smith, has some new weapons in his battle against the nation's scientists.