Johnny Neonic

Study finds a link between neonic pesticides and honeybee deaths

In the U.K., scientists find one variety of the widely used seed-coating pesticide can harm domestic honeybees -- more cause for a cautious approach.

Hey, Burning Man: Your desert party sucks for the rest of us

The annual pilgrimage of tech executives and Dusty Unicorns to the Nevada desert is an environmental nightmare.

Lawns are dumb. Arresting people for poor lawn care is dumber

In parts of the U.S., you can go to jail for not mowing. It's time to give up the fixation on green grass.

Climate & Energy

Spending time in a controversial camp that’s blocking tar-sands pipelines

The Unist’ot’en Camp in Canada isn't just out to block tar-sands pipelines. Campers are also developing a resilient community.

Climate & Energy

Hate to be a broken record, but we’re on track for the hottest year on record

And this July was the warmest July on record going back more than a century.


This company has 400 people hyped to build Elon Musk’s hyperloop

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies plans to break ground on a test track next year.

Paranoid Republicans think EPA contaminated river on purpose

Two Utah state lawmakers speculate that the EPA might have deliberately dumped mine waste into the Animas River.


Yet another land mine for GMO Golden Rice

The real problems with a controversial, retracted study weren't about the science but about respect for the subjects' values.

California is sinking. Blame the drought.

And you can blame up to 25 percent of the drought on climate change.