House Science Committee takes a page from the Inquisition

The chair, Lamar Smith, has some new weapons in his battle against the nation's scientists.

Food fight

Many Native Americans lack access to healthy food, but there’s a growing movement to change that

Gardening brings health and peace of mind on reservations.

anemone of the state

Trump’s first White House screening was a movie about migration and environmental pollution.

The Pixar movie tells the story of a character with an intellectual disability who travels across a polluted ocean to reunite with her family.

justice for all?

This is Trump’s chance to build an anti-environment federal judiciary

There's a record number of vacancies, and he could fill them with judges hostile to regulations.

roof of concept

Who installs more solar power? Republicans and Democrats are pretty much tied.

Solar power isn't a partisan issue.

in it to wind it

The country’s biggest offshore wind farm is coming to Long Island.

The Long Island wind farm would be the country's largest, generating enough energy to power 50,000 homes.

Well, he is a real-estate developer

A leaked list of Trump’s infrastructure priorities looks pretty surprising.

Trump's infrastructure wish list appears positively un-Trumpian, but ...

Princess and the Sea

Moana, a kids’ movie about climate change and indigenous people, is in the running for an Oscar.

Solving climate change is as easy as returning a magical stone to its rightful place!

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has asked water protectors to leave camp.

Hundreds of people at three protest camps must all clear out by Jan. 30 or federal law enforcement will be called in to remove them.