Why water is so sacred to Native Americans

“Water is life” has become a protest anthem, but why?

scrub a dub dub

Climate leadership was scrubbed from the State Department website

This signals the U.S. will play a more passive role in international climate actions.


Keystone XL is approved. Apply now for 35 permanent pipeline jobs.

That's it.


Major TV networks spent just 50 minutes on climate change — combined — last year.

That represents a dramatic, 66-percent drop from 2015.

Good nature

To reduce obesity and depression, we need more nature in our lives.

People who live near green spaces are generally happier and report better physical and mental health.

New coal plants dropped by two-thirds last year

The world overestimated the need for the doomed fossil fuel.

From the Editor

The world feels pretty broken right now. Meet the fixers.

The emerging green leaders on this year’s Grist 50 are solving the world’s toughest challenges.

Hell on earth

Ranchers are reeling after wildfires swept through the Great Plains.

Crazy weather has led to a tragedy on the southern plains.

How Trump’s Supreme Court pick keeps environmental cases out of court

Neil Gorsuch has a record of blocking environmental suits.