how crude

Oh god, they’ve discovered even more oil in Texas.

This could be the largest supply of oil ever found in the United States.

Standing Rock

Watch people on the frontlines of the Dakota Access fight defend their water and their rights.

A short film from the Standing Rock Sioux takes us to the scene of the standoff.

The Fight Ahead

Inside the climate movement’s Trump-fighting strategy

It will take a combination of political, legal, and social pressure to reduce his damage to climate action and environmental protection.

flint water crisis

Flint still doesn’t have safe drinking water.

Mayor Karen Weaver has extended the city's state of emergency.

sunny day real estate

What’s better: New solar panels or old hydropower?

A reader wonders about the benefits of solar panels since her local grid is already pretty green. Umbra plugs in.

Boy Bye

Donald Trump thinks climate change is a Chinese hoax. China begs to differ.

China is showing Trump the receipts to disprove his most famous statement on climate change.

Well, that snowballed quickly

Climate denier Barrasso to replace climate denier Inhofe as head of Senate environment committee.

Barrasso is not likely to be much more of an advocate for the environment than his predecessor.

dakota access pipeline

Meet one young woman who took up the fight at Standing Rock

"If I've ever called myself a warrior, this is the time to show who I am."

new extremes

North Carolina has been hit by rare late-season wildfires.

"This year stands out as having an unusual, I would even say epic, fire season."