Business & Technology

Duke Energy will have to clean up its filthy coal ash sites … eventually

North Carolina regulators are finally taking some action, but they still want to go easy on the company.


Tiny house, big drama in Pittsburgh gentrification battle

While Pittsburgh's tiny home may have a small footprint, its impact on the neighborhood could be anything but.

No Butts About It

Your cigarettes literally kill everything

OK, not literally, but they are responsible for a whole lot of chemicals, pesticides, and clearcuts.


The Alberta wildfire is dumping mercury into the atmosphere

The fire is burning through a boreal forest that has stored mercury for thousands of years.

Climate & Energy

There’s a 99% chance this will be the hottest year on record

So says the top climate scientist at NASA.

Climate & Energy

Trump wants to redo the U.N. climate talks. Here’s why he can’t.

Sorry Donald, the Paris deal is Trump-proofed.

Climate & Energy

Europe keeps hitting clean energy milestones

It’s been a really good month for renewables in Portugal, Germany, and the U.K.


Here’s where the science on GMOs stands

The National Academies of Sciences has released the most comprehensive report on GMO crops to date.


Trump Jr. wants his dad to put him in charge of federal parks and lands

Donald Trump’s eldest son, a big-game hunter, would like to be secretary of the interior.