Canada’s new prime minister will no longer censor scientists, unlike the last one

Canadian scientists are finally free to speak about their research, even if it involves *gasp* climate change.


Comedians and activists call out California governor in anti-fracking ad campaign

The activists want Jerry Brown to ban fracking in the Golden State.

Climate & Energy

Obama’s top environmental official on the Paris attacks, climate change, and national security

Two weeks before the Paris climate talks, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy says the U.S. is serious about taking action.

No, you’re not paranoid: The Koch brothers really are spying on you

The billionaire industrialists have their very own surveillance team that's spying on the left.

Climate & Energy

Following Shell, another oil company pulls out of Arctic

The Norwegian oil company Statoil abandons drilling plans in the the Chuckchi Sea.

Climate & Energy

Florida to rebuild jail on land prone to flooding. Climate change will only make things worse

Despite rising sea levels, massive floods, and a previous explosion, Florida decided not to relocate the jail.

Business & Technology

Uber: Climate hero or climate villain?

A new study hopes to measure the climate impact of ride-sharing services.

Climate & Energy

French authorities near decision about whether to allow climate rallies

The government will decide Wednesday or Thursday whether or not the big Paris climate march will go ahead.


Coral reefs are in trouble. Meet the people trying to rebuild them

From replanting the reefs we've lost to evolving stronger corals, humans are trying to engineer reefs to withstand climate change.