bundle of energy

U.S. likely to become a major energy exporter in a decade

But the outlook for meeting emissions targets doesn’t look promising.

air grievances

Live near a busy road? You may have higher risk of dementia.

A study links air pollution from traffic to cognitive disorders.

License to Bill

Bill Nye is heading to Netflix to take on climate change deniers — with help from a supermodel.

His forthcoming show, "Bill Nye Saves the World," will feature Karlie Kloss as a special correspondent.


Secretary of state pick to get $180 million from Exxon

As part of the deal, outgoing CEO Rex Tillerson will “sever all ties with the company to comply with conflict-of-interest requirements.”

down to earth

NASA climate research won’t go down without a fight

"We'll get scientists to march on Washington if we have to."

not-so-incredible bulk

Washington state has blocked plans for the nation’s biggest coal export terminal.

The decision deals a stiff blow to the Northwest’s besieged fossil fuel industry and marks a win for local climate activists and tribes.


A snarky 1917 article was totally sure we’d be over coal by 2017.

“Something better and cheaper will have been discovered," a writer penned.

guest post

2017 will likely get the “not-as-hot-as-last-year” award

The streak of record-hot years is about to end -- but not by much.

Astrology Zone

What’s going to happen in 2017? Experts weigh in. (It’s us — we’re the experts.)

If we learned anything from 2016, it's that prognosticators can be very, very wrong -- but we're not.