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Swimming in seafood ratings — but what’s the real impact?

Photo by DriveBySh00ter.

Sustainability rating systems to guide consumer seafood choices are becoming as plentiful as the fish they seek to protect once were. Americans may now peruse market aisles with their choice of half a dozen pocket seafood guides: Monterey Bay Aquarium’s one week, the New England Aquarium’s another. These guides, which typically aggregate complex data into an accessible “seafood recommendation” rating, are designed to steer consumers and businesses towards sustainably harvested seafood from healthy populations. They also, we hope, give overexploited fisheries some breathing room.

But are they making a difference?

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Slow Ride Stories: Kick-starting conversations about climate change

The climate is a-changin’ -- but the debate on climate change isn’t. As a result, climate scientists and environmental advocates appear to be fighting a losing battle: A recent poll of American attitudes toward climate change, put out in March by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, revealed that the number of climate skeptics in America is growing, and fewer voters view climate change as a scientifically affirmed or politically important issue.

With this news in mind, a two-man film crew has hit the back roads of America to, in their words, kick-start a new national conversation about climate change -- one that might circumvent heated politics by focusing on local perspectives.