Adam Browning

Adam Browning is the executive director of Vote Solar.

Mark Ruffalo & One Hulking Solar Opportunity in NY

Actor Mark Ruffalo is taking a break from playing a big, green superhero in the movies to talking about something bigger and greener happening in …

Energy Policy

Might and Maine: One state brings renewable power back to the people

Maine citizens are taking renewable power into their own hands.Photo: Matthew David PowellAs the Durban climate talks come to a disappointing (if predictable) close, Politico …

NY Times needs a time out

I recently turned 401.  But I didn’t start feeling old until this weekend — because that’s when I started yelling at newspapers2. On Saturday, the …

Colorado to achieve 30% renewables 8 years early, ratepayer savings of $409 million

Advocates say that massive amounts of renewable energy are feasible and will save money in the long run. But how do we know that’s true? …

Solar Power

Solar comes out of the shadows

Mainstream energy companies may finally be seeing the light when it comes to solar power.How do we know when solar becomes a mainstream energy source? …

Solar Power

Reports of the death of solar power are highly exaggerated

Saying Solyndra means the end of solar power in the U.S. is like saying there is no future for the web because Netscape went out of business.

Asphalt to Ecosystems

Say you were abducted by aliens, flown around the galaxy, then finally dropped off in what appears to be an American town.  There’s not a …

Solar could help with that

A major heat wave is causing record demand in Texas–Monday set a record of 66,867 MW, and Tuesday is expected to set another.  As a …

San Antonio utility 'floored' by low prices, increases order to 400 MW of solar

CPS, the municipal utility in San Antonio, Texas, is making a strong play for favorite utility of the year. The utility has a 14 MW …

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