Adam Browning

Adam Browning is the executive director of Vote Solar.

Climate & Energy

Gulf oil spill and Florida politics

There’s been a lot of discussion about what the Gulf oilspill means for federal clean energy legislation.  The same thing has been happening at the state level as well. Take Florida.  The Florida Legislature has debated clean energy legislation in …

Climate & Energy


I got one word for you: Globama. You can’t not click the link.  Try and resist–it’s impossible. There’s actually a pretty funny history there.  My friend and mentor Steven Strong did the current install on the pool house.  Word is, …

Climate & Energy

SF keeping PACE

The built environment is responsible for something like 72% of electricity use and ~36% of greenhouse gas emission in the US.  How to get at that chunk of embedded carbon? On Monday, the City of San Francisco launched Green Finance …

Climate & Energy

Arizona introduces bill to redefine renewable standard to include nukes

In Arizona, a new bill has been introduced that would kill renewable energy progress in the state. HB 2701 would establish a legislative version of the Arizona Corporation Commission’s regulatorily-implemented Renewable Energy Standard of 15% by 2020, but with some …

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Show solar some love

My colleagues at Vote Solar thought that making a viral valentine (two words, by the way, that really shouldn’t go together) would be a great idea. Something campy, something funny, something that also makes the point that a relationship with …

Business & Technology

San Francisco sets the PACE

Today, San Francisco Mayor Newsom signed the final piece of legislation necessary to get the city’s PACE (municipal property tax financing for energy efficiency, renewables, and water conservation) program off the ground. My colleague Rosalind Jackson recorded the moment for …

Climate & Energy

Anti-jobs ‘California Jobs Initiative’ crew threatens suit over name change

This is funny. A group in California is working on a ballot initiative to suspend implementation of AB 32, the state’s global warming law, until California’s unemployment drops below 5.5% for four consecutive quarters. No big fans of green jobs, …

Climate & Energy

California net metering battle, v2

The California legislature is considering whether to lift caps on net metering, a key policy that allows solar system owners to get full credit for generating solar electricity. As legislators consider this policy choice, they may want to look into …


Freeway in LA…for bikes?

Advocates in famously car-centric Los Angeles are advocating for a new freeway system.  For bikes. The weather is great, the streets are gridlocked, and the city is flat-ish.  No brainer.