Adam Sacks

Adam Sacks has been a climate activist since 2001 and is the former director of the Center for Democracy and the Constitution. For a while he kept a blog, Climate Chronicles.

The Climate Solution: Got Cows?

Now that official leadership in Copenhagen has predictably failed us, for no agreement ever on the table was anywhere near close to what we need to salve the savage climate, what do we do? Here, finally, is some good reason for optimism.  With proper care of ruined grasslands, variously called managed grazing, holistic management, or carbon farming, we can restore billions of acres of the world’s soils. Along the way we can pull all the excess carbon out of the atmosphere and put it back into the ground where it belongs — in forty years or less. We can return …

We have met the deniers, and they are us

Photo: Adam D. SacksJames Inhofe.Marc Morano.Richard Lindzen.Bjørn Lomborg.George W. Bush. Names of shame, ignominy, criminals against humanity, against planet Earth itself.  Agents of the lethal delays in our response to escalating, accelerating, catastrophic global warming. Yet, as deniers of climate change, they’re amateurs compared to us.  Us activists, environmentalists, scientists, and certainly Copenhagen politicians. Even though we’re believers, not skeptics, our denial is far more insidious and subtle.  So subtle, in fact, that we’ve managed to convince ourselves that we’re not in denial at all.  Quite the opposite.  Why, the thought is too absurd even to contemplate. But it’s true. …

Stop being so $@%!ing polite

Dispassion as the world ends: The absent heart of the great climate affair

Photo: Adam D. SacksIn “The Fallacy of Climate Activism,” I suggest that we as climate activists are not telling the unadulterated truth — which seems to worsen daily — to the public.  This is one critically important reason we’re making so little progress in changing behavior and politics commensurate with the drastic acceleration of global warming.  We have hurled ourselves far beyond the point where simply reducing greenhouse-gas emissions will make a difference that makes a difference. Having examined some of the what of our missteps in “Fallacy,” in this piece I take a look at some of the how: …

Tell it like it is

The fallacy of climate activism

In the 20 years since we climate activists began our work in earnest, the state of the climate has become dramatically worse, and the change is accelerating — this despite all of our best efforts. Clearly something is deeply wrong with this picture. What is it that we do not yet know? What do we have to think and do differently to arrive at urgently different outcomes?[1] The answers lie not with science, but with culture. Climate activists are obsessed with greenhouse-gas emissions and concentrations. Since global climate disruption is an effect of greenhouse gases, and a disastrous one, this …

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