Adrienne Brown

Adrienne Maree Brown is a writer and singer living in Brooklyn, N.Y. She is coeditor of the League of Pissed Off Voters' How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office: The Anti-Politics, Un-Boring Guide to Power and program director for the League of Young Voters.

An interview with activists at the Prison Moratorium Project

Khaleaph Luis (left) and Prince S. Say “criminal justice” and very few people think of the environment. But in reality, there’s a complicated relationship between the work of environmentalists, who are trying to encourage a more responsible attitude toward our planet and everything on it, and those moving in and out of the prison-industrial complex, who are fighting for a little space in this world and struggling to survive in severely under-resourced communities. These days, rural prisons provide the only experience many urban youth have with a non-urban environment. The Brooklyn-based Prison Moratorium Project is one organization starting to think …

Dramatizing the “death” of environmentalism doesn’t help urban people of color, or anyone else

“Death” is such a harsh term — can’t we say “transition to a happier place”? Adrienne Maree Brown. Photo: Sophia Wallace. Or, how else can I put this … You don’t have to fall out of the tree. Just climb down and join us on the ground. Let’s talk. If you work on environmental issues, chances are you don’t know me. I represent the other other side. The one outside the greenhouse. I’m young, I’m colored, I’m female, I’m urban — and environmentalism isn’t reaching me like it needs to. So I want to add a few thoughts to the …

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