Alan Durning

Alan Durning directs Sightline Institute, a Seattle research and communication center working to promote sustainable solutions for the Pacific Northwest.

How cities invent parking quotas, in 71 animated seconds

This short cartoon shows how cities make up parking requirements from junk science.

Underground parking: The black market, apps, and future of car storage

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Wide open spaces: How unused parking adds up

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Your car’s bedroom is bigger than yours

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Who parked in my spot?!: Neighbors, cars, and “your” curb space

On the subject of curb parking, everyone seems to have a story -- and what the stories reveal is surprisingly important to the future of our cities.

One car in two-car garage

Parking? Lots! A case study of absurd and pernicious parking rules

Many cities legally require off-street parking spaces for single-family homes. This leads to ridiculous and unwelcome results.

Bicycle trailers and human-powered house moves

I want my next move to be by bicycle. Crazy? Not at all. Thanks to impressive new bicycle trailer designs, such a move is now possible. So are other, similarly audacious feats of human-powered hauling, from freighting fish to delivering …