Alden Wicker

Alden Wicker is an editorial assistant at and lives in Ditmas Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y. She also produces the blog Clean Hippie.


Secondhand style: Wash and wear weekend

Here's something I didn't expect to miss about shopping for new clothes: air conditioning. And cleanliness. Oh, and dressing rooms.


Secondhand style: Duds for downward dog

It turns out my boring dress was perfect for the heat. And I even found thrifty clothes for yoga class. Now to shop for a weekend of drinking -- I mean, hiking.


Secondhand style: Wake me up, I'm wearing a nightgown

I tried to punch up this thrift store dress with braided hair, huge earrings, and bright red lipstick, but it still bores me to sleep. The reaction in my office: crickets chirping.


Secondhand style: I melted a shirt. Seriously.

I was feeling really positive about my latest thrift-store outfit. That was before I accidentally melted the blouse with my iron.


Secondhand style: Do used undies cross the line?

My first thrift store ensemble is a huge hit, and prompts a lively chat about used underwear. Plus, I still need sneakers.


Secondhand style: No hoochie dresses, please

Grist dared me to wear nothing but thrift store clothes for a week. Dresses? No problem. Shoes -- well, that's another story.


Secondhand style: Wearing clothes dropped off in garbage bags

Accepting Grist's dare, I vow to wear only secondhand clothes for a week. Goodbye, Bloomingdale's. Hello, Salvation Army.

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