Alyse Nelson

Alyse Nelson is a city planner for a small town in Kitsap County, Wash.

When your parking grows up: What curb spaces can become

On-street parking takes up a lot of room in our cities. Parking reforms can change that -- but what will we do with all the extra space?

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More and more people are finding that living in smaller spaces -- backyard cottages and tiny houses -- leaves room for a larger life. Here are some of their stories.

Your stroller wheels, on the bus

Ever try to maneuver a baby stroller onto a bus, along with a diaper bag, toys, blanket, groceries -- oh, and your little bundle of joy? It’s not easy. Here’s one mom’s story -- and some suggestions for making transit …

Coloring inside the lanes: Art that creates community

Sunnyside Piazza.Photo: Daniel Etra Cross-posted from Sightline Daily. What if all it took to build better neighborhoods was a little paint? Walking in southeast Portland, I once stumbled on a horizontal rendition of a sunflower, painted curb to curb on …