Amanda Little

Amanda Little is author of Power Trip: The Story of America's Love Affair with Energy. She is a contributor to Bloomberg Businessweek and a writer-in-residence in the English department at Vanderbilt University, where she teaches investigative journalism and creative nonfiction.

What Obama would do on climate in a second term: Carol Browner explains

President Obama wouldn't likely be able to pass a big climate bill in a second term, says his former energy czar, but he could take a lot of smaller steps that would achieve real emission cuts.

Scarlett Johansson addresses the final session of the Democratic National Convention. Photo by Reuters / Jason Reed.

Behind the scenes at the Democratic convention

The enthusiasm in the greenroom, where Scarlett Johansson and Mary J. Blige mingled with big-name pols, spilled out into the convention hall. Enthusiasm for climate action -- well, that wasn't so easy to spot.

Ed Markey

Ed Markey, coauthor of big cap-and-trade bill, now lauds Obama’s ‘drill baby drill’ approach

Rep. Ed Markey, one of the biggest climate hawks in Congress, is now talking up President Obama's "all-of-the-above" energy strategy, from renewables to oil drilling.

Democratic National Convention on first night

Climate and energy get no love on day one of Democratic convention

Michelle Obama, Julian Castro, and other headliners generated a lot of energy -- just not the kind you can power a house or a car with.

Huntsman on climate change, natural gas, and competing with China

Where does Jon Huntsman stand on climate change now that he's out of the presidential race? Grist interviews the former candidate to find out.

Sen. Lamar Alexander on making bipartisan energy progress

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) tells Grist why he's crossing party lines to slash energy company subsidies and pour money into cleantech research.

Dudefest no more? Women are infiltrating cleantech

Men are running the show at most of the companies pushing renewables, efficiency, clean cars, and the smart grid -- but that's starting to change.

The top 12 women of cleantech

While the clean-energy sector is very much a boy's club, women are starting to break down the clubhouse door. Here's a list of top women in cleantech.

How wiring the developing world can help save the planet

Envaya helps people in Africa build ultralight websites, on the ultracheap.Like most equatorial countries, Tanzania is feeling the impacts of climate change. Malaria is spreading to areas at ever-higher altitudes. Lake Victoria, which feeds the Nile, is retreating. The rainy …