Amelia Bates

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Ten Lords a-Feasting

This bourbon balls recipe will knock your socks off

On the 10th day of DIY Christmas, I made my true love these delicious bourbon balls.

nine ladies fragrancing

Make your own Febreze, no benzisothiazolinone required

On the ninth day of DIY Christmas, I gave my true love a fresh-smelling alternative to chemical-laden air fresheners.

Eau My

How to smell your best with DIY perfume, cologne, and beard conditioner

On the eighth day of DIY Christmas, my true love smelled fresh as a daisy.

seven swoons a-swimming

Keep your true love’s lips soft this winter with DIY lip balm

On the seventh day of DIY Christmas, chapped lips were no more.

six greased belayers

Make lovely smelling muscle rub for the athlete in your life

On the sixth day of DIY Christmas, whip up a batch of homemade muscle rub.

five golden strings

How to keep your true love’s headphones from ever getting tangled again

On the fifth day of DIY Christmas, I never had to untangle my headphones again.

four little birds told me

How to turn a boring old book into a stash box

On the fourth day of DIY Christmas, keep prying eyes away with this secret box camouflaged as a book.

twee french hens

How to make your true love an adorable jewelry stand

On the third day of DIY Christmas, you will be delighted by this custom knick-knack stand.

two turtledove-shaped succulent planters

How to make your true love a sweet succulent terrarium

On the second day of DIY Christmas, check out this dinosaur-shaped succulent planter.