Amory Lovins

Physicist Amory Lovins is Chairman and Chief Scientist of Rocky Mountain Institute and Chairman Emeritus of Fiberforge, Inc. Published in 29 books and hundreds of papers, he advises governments and major firms worldwide on advanced energy and resource efficiency.

Response to Wall Street Journal op-ed on clean fuels in the military

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an op-ed critical of the military's efforts on clean fuels. It was filled with factual errors and misunderstandings.

Nuke nukes

What we can learn from Japan’s nuclear disaster

Nuclear plants: unsafe, uneconomic, and unnecessary.Photo: Thomas AndersonCross-posted from the Rocky Mountain Institute. As heroic workers and soldiers strive to save stricken Japan from a new horror — radioactive fallout — some truths known for 40 years bear repeating. An …

Stewart Brand’s nuclear enthusiasm falls short on facts and logic

Supporting technical details and citations for this post can be found here: “Four Nuclear Myths” (PDF). Whole Earth Discipline, by Stewart Brand (Viking, 2009)I have known Stewart Brand as a friend for many years. I have admired his original and …