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A handy health checklist for pregnancy

Talk about a double whammy. It's challenging enough to be green when you're solo, and then pregnancy comes along and gives you twice the eco-angst (not to mention more hormones than you know what to do with). Photo: iStockphoto The cause for alarm is real: pregnancy is the most critical time for establishing your baby's well being. It's also the time when you're vulnerable to the alphabet stew of harmful chemicals in the world, which are increasingly making their way into women's bodies, wombs, and breast milk. But there is good news: Simple measures like eating organic, nutrient-rich foods before …

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Reflections on protecting your offspring without losing your sanity

Kidhuggers. It's a gag-me kind of word, too precious to be catchy. And it certainly won't ever replace the slur-cum-badge-of-honor for enviros -- treehuggers. But maybe it should. Illustration: Keri Rosebraugh The green movement has never been about people with an overfondness for bark and flora. Instead, it's based on a natural protectiveness, an urge to defend all the vulnerable and vital things on earth. Water, air, wildlife, wilderness -- and, OK, trees -- fall into that category. But in the most profound way possible, so do children. A newborn, when you put it this way, is the ultimate pristine …

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