Amy Linn

Amy Linn is a freelance writer and editor based in Missoula, Mont.

  • Brood Awakenings: On parenting and health

    An interview with Mary Brune, founder of Making Our Milk Safe

    OK, so David slew Goliath. He never had half the battle facing Mary Brune and her fellow mothers in their crusade against the $500 billion-plus chemical industry. In 2005, Brune and a trio of her friends in the San Francisco …

  • Brood Awakenings: On parenting and health

    A handy health checklist for pregnancy

    Talk about a double whammy. It’s challenging enough to be green when you’re solo, and then pregnancy comes along and gives you twice the eco-angst (not to mention more hormones than you know what to do with). Photo: iStockphoto The …

  • Brood Awakenings: On parenting and health

    Reflections on protecting your offspring without losing your sanity

    Kidhuggers. It’s a gag-me kind of word, too precious to be catchy. And it certainly won’t ever replace the slur-cum-badge-of-honor for enviros — treehuggers. But maybe it should. Illustration: Keri Rosebraugh The green movement has never been about people with …