Ana Unruh Cohen

Ana Unruh Cohen is the director of environmental policy at the Center for American Progress and a frequent Grist blogger.

  • Energy bill end game

    The energy bill negotiations are entering the home stretch.

    The conferees were hard at work over the weekend and are meeting this evening at 5 pm EST to have what might be the last official meeting of the conference. All the remaining controversial items are on the table. Will …

  • Holmstead resigns

    Jeff Holmstead, head of the Bush administration’s EPA air department and all around promoter of the “Clear Skies” initiative, just announced his plans to leave the agency at the end of August. Next steps for him? Traveling the world with …

  • Energy bill conference - Live at 11

    The latest on energy bill wrangling.

    The real work of the Energy Conference gets underway today, and you can watch it live starting at 11 am EST (20 min. ago!). Behind the scenes, Senate and House staffs have been working to hammer out some compromises. That …

  • Energy Bill Conference Cliff Notes --109th Congress Edition

    A rundown of the big issues facing the House-Senate energy bill conference committee

    President Bush has challenged the congressional leadership to get energy legislation to his desk by the August recess. To do that, Rep. Joe Barton (R-Tex.) — chair of both the House Energy and Commerce committee and the 109th Congress edition …

  • G8 climate communiques are out

    Full text of the G8 climate communiques are now available here and here.

  • Plan B for climate skeptics

    Ana Unruh Cohen

    As conservative spinmeister Frank Luntz has written in his infamous memo, “Should the public come to believe that the scientific issues are settled, their views about global warming will change accordingly.” With all the climate action in the Senate last …

  • The price of nuclear power?

    New nuclear support in the McCain-Lieberman amendment may have cost it support.

    Four votes. Sens. Boxer, Dayton, Feingold, and Harkin, all supporters of the Climate Stewardship Act in the last Congress, voted against the legislation this afternoon when Sens. McCain and Lieberman offered it as an amendment to the energy bill. The …

  • Taxation without representation

    Greening the U.S. tax code gets sadly little attention from green groups.

    This morning the Brookings Institution hosted a forum on “Tax Reform and the Environment.” Along with the usual suspects singing the economic and environmental praises of ending subsidies and tax breaks that harm the environment as well as levying some …

  • A lot of hot air

    A study says the world’s wind alone could meet its energy needs; the Senate disagrees.

    A new study by some smart scientists at Stanford University suggests that global wind resources are good enough to produce 72 terawatts of electricity with current turbine technology. That’s about 40 times the amount of electricity the world used in …