Andrew Simon

Andrew Simon is Grist's fellowship program director.

U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama welcome members of the Jackie Robinson West All Stars Little League baseball team, including DJ Butler (bottom L), Lawrence Noble (#7), Eddie King (#18) and Jaheim Benton (far R), from Chicago in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington November 6, 2014. The team won the U.S. bracket of the Little League World Series this summer, before falling in the finals to the Seoul Little League of Seoul, South Korea.

How Chicago’s Little League scandal cheats city kids

The young players from Jackie Robinson West were stripped of their Little League title. City kids everywhere may have lost a lot more.

If America cared about the planet as much as the NFL, this is what it would look like

If America cared about the planet as much as the NFL, this is what it would look like

What if people showed the same passion toward environmentalism as they did sports? That's the premise of this hilarious new video.

Fantasy football

Forget football. Pick your fantasy green team

Sick of real football? Give our fantasy climate hawk game a shot.


Here’s what Grist’s first fellows learned about journalism (and mac & cheese)

Back in February Grist added three journalism fellows. Their terms just ended -- and we couldn't be happier with the results.


“I Heart NY” mastermind launches catchy climate change logo

To help make climate change awareness stick (and slick), design legend Milton Glaser created a catchy logo.

Lions recycled jerseys

The Detroit Lions launch a stadium recycling campaign with recycled jerseys

For their Wednesday night practice, the Lions' quarterbacks will sport bright-green jerseys made out of recycled plastic bottles.

Green house

Using Airbnb is greener than staying in hotels

Score one for the sharing economy? According to a new study, travelers who choose Airbnb tend to eat up less energy than hotel guests.

The NFL’s newest stadium is also one of the greenest

The San Francisco 49ers' new digs just scored LEED Gold certification.

A Tesla for the rest of us? Elon Musk dishes on the new, cheaper model

The Tesla 3 will be half the price of the current model. Honk if you like that idea.