Andrew Zaleski

Andrew Zaleski is a freelance journalist and the reporter for Technically Baltimore.

Local to the extreme: This project puts the farm right in the grocery store

Right now, the Farmery is just a test project in a shipping container, but Ben Greene and his team have big dreams.

Tech support: Can we wire our cities to prevent ecological collapse?

In his new book, “Smart Cities,” Anthony Townsend envisions a new techno-utopia. He’s forgotten one small detail: people.

New app lets you hack the streets

It's time to take the streets back from the the transportation engineers -- even if it's only for pretend.

Bike til it hertz: College kids spin out campus electricity

Middlebury College students have turned their stationary bikes into miniature power plants. A spin on one of these rides will teach you not to take electricity for granted.

Foot forward: Walkability is the key to fixing cities

Urban planner Jeff Speck's Theory of Walkability posits that cities designed for people, not cars, will be centers of growth in the 21st century. But he's not opposed to gassing up the car in the event of zombie attack.

Mitch Lowe enlists an army of Zuckerbergs to save the planet

Lowe’s business accelerator launches companies that help us make better use of clean energy, from smart meters to sharable electric scooters.

Green Party’s presidential candidate says it’s time to ‘take our country back’

Boston physician Jill Stein has accepted the party’s nomination for the highest office in the land. Now, can she get anyone to pay attention?

Green streak: Green Party aims to stir up presidential race

This election year, the Green Party hopes to ride the spirit that drove the Occupy movement right into the mainstream.

Training wheels for your Hummer? GM stamps brand names on Japanese bikes

In Japan, Cadillacs, Chevrolets, and Hummers are hot hot hot. Especially the ones with only two wheels.