Andrew Zaleski

Andrew Zaleski is a freelance journalist and the reporter for Technically Baltimore.

‘The Great Inversion’: Cities are the new suburbs, suburbs the new cities

Young and wealthy people are moving back to city centers, while immigrants and poor people increasingly flock to the ’burbs. Um, is this a good thing?

Here comes everybody: Number of bicycle-friendly cities soars

More cities are making way for cyclists, according to the League of American Bicyclists. But we still have a long, long road ahead.

Share and share a bike: A fresh way to find a rental cycle

A new peer-to-peer bike-sharing site connects bike owners with bike renters just about anywhere.

If a tree falls in the city, does it do anyone any good?

Many, if not most, trees planted in cities are dead within five years. A new generation of urban tree stewards is helping to keep them alive long after the planting has past.

Bouncing off the walls: Can parkour boost urban economies?

A sport born in the urban environment, parkour has been banned in many U.S. cities. But this fall, the states will see their first international parkour competition, and organizers hope it will be good for both the sport and the …

Fixies to the people! Building a business on no-frills bikes

Here's the formula: Take a bike, boil it down to the basics -- frame, wheels, pedals, seat, handlebars. Offer it online, cheap. Then stand back and watch people snatch them up.

Go, fight … green? Can sports teams save the planet?

Photo: IscanWhen the 2011 Major League Baseball season got underway last April, teams rolled out the usual promotions for fanatical fans: giant foam fingers, T-shirt giveaways, beer in unbreakable, aluminum bottles. The Seattle Mariners took a slightly different tack. At …

Is there room for the environment at the Occupation?

Solar power comes belatedly to Occupy Wall Street and D.C., but are people making the connection between economic hardships and the health of Earth?