Andy Bellatti

Andy Bellatti, MS, RD is a Las Vegas-based nutritionist with a plant-based, whole foods focus. He often writes about food politics, deceptive Big Food marketing, and issues of sustainability, animal welfare, and social justice in our food system.

Opening Pandora’s Lunchbox: Processed foods are even scarier than you thought

Writer Melanie Warner spent a year and a half exploring the processed-food industry. Here are her unappetizing discoveries.

Aisle be damned: How Big Food dominates your supermarket choices

We can’t shop our way out of a broken food system, says Wenonah Hauter. The head of Food & Water Watch talks about her book "Foodopoly" and taking on the corporate system.

Let’s put an end to ‘dietary tribalism’

Vegan, paleo, raw, locavore -- who can say what's best? One writer says concerned eaters should put down their weapons and work to change the food system together.

Big Dairy’s latest smear tactic

With soy, almond, and other plant-based milks growing in popularity, the dairy industry is flexing its ad dollars and reminding America that "real milk comes from cows."

Never mind the meat — worry about eating enough plants

Tired of hearing that "complete protein" has to come from animals? A nutritionist takes on that argument and says plant-based phytonutrients might be more important anyway.

McDonald’s rings in 2012 with farmwashing

Remember last year’s Washington state-based “From Here” campaign, which added a “locavore” twist to McDonald’s highly processed offerings? Well, the fast food giant will take farmwashing to a national scale starting next month with a truly groan-worthy advertising campaign. Here …

Confessions of a former Big Food executive

Photo: Casey V. PhotographyA few weeks ago, I learned of a relatively new blog about food industry deception, but with an interesting twist. The blog’s author is Bruce Bradley, who spent over 15 years as a food marketer at companies …

Busting Monsanto's 'better' broccoli

The seed giant is now selling a ready-to-eat broccoli product meant to "maintain your body's defenses against the damage of environmental pollutants and free radicals." Can you taste the irony?