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Ann Cooper and Kate Adamick's Posts


Big fish, little fish

A parable on the National School Lunch Program

Crap: it's what's for school lunch. But does it have to be? Not long ago or far away, there was a great and mighty kingdom that was the envy of all other kingdoms in the world. The kingdom was home to two groups of people, the Big People and the Little People. The Big People had many jobs and responsibilities, but foremost among these was their unalterable duty to care for the wellbeing of the Little People above all else. The Little People had only one responsibility, to follow the advice of the Big People so that they, too, could …

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Reheat and serve

Obama’s school-lunch chief not much of a reformer

Note: This essay was written with Kate Adamick of Food Systems Solutions LLC and Beth Collins of Lunch Lessons LLC. Supersize me.Photo: bookgrlToday, 30 percent of American children are over-weight or obese. For children born in the year 2000, one out of every three Caucasians and one out of every two African American and Hispanics will contract diabetes in their lifetime, the CDC warns. Recent research has shown that the average age of children with kidney stones is ten, and that food additives and colorings contribute to ADD and ADHD. In short, we're failing to feed our children well. For …

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Like calves to the slaughter

The beef recall shows yet again that the USDA doesn’t protect schoolchildren

The USDA recently took action to force the recall of 143 million pounds of beef dating back two years -- the largest beef recall in our country's history. More than 25 percent of the recalled beef was distributed free of charge through the USDA's commodity food program to about 150 school districts across the nation. Undoubtedly, most of this potentially tainted beef has already been eaten by the 30 million children who participate in the National School Lunch Program every day. Clearly, the USDA is not protecting our children. In essence, the agency slammed the barn door shut after the …

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Why the Happy Meals-for-good-grades scheme deserves an ‘F’

McDonald's apparently isn't content with strategically locating its franchises near schools across America, operating food outlets within pediatric hospitals, and hosting "McTeacher Night" fundraisers at which teachers work shifts at the counters to raise money for their classrooms. No, that's not enough for the giant multinational "food" service company. Now McDonald's has purchased the right to put a Happy Meal coupon on each of the student's report cards in a Seminole, Fla., school district for less than the price of a small bag of fries. This is depraved. Why is it acceptable to reward our children for successful academic performance …