Anna Fahey

Anna Fahey is a senior communications strategist at Sightline Institute, a Seattle-based research and communications center working on sustainable solutions for the Pacific NW.

How to talk to your polar-vortexed friends

It's hard to bring up global warming (hint: say 'climate change') when it's really cold out, but here are some pointers.

Who me, an environmentalist?

Stereotypes about activists may hamper environmental engagement.

Asian Americans lean green

About 71 percent of Asian Americans consider themselves environmentalists.

Meet ‘the Minimalists’ — two guys who had it all, and gave it up

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus spent years amassing the trappings of a “successful” life. Then they decided success wasn’t all it was chalked up to be.

Climate and Hurricane Sandy: What’s in a name?

Plumbing the storm's names and nicknames leads to some useful takeaways for communicating about climate change.

Undecided voters not undecided about climate change

A Yale survey found that most swing voters know human-caused climate change is real and want the government to do something about it.

Babes in bikeland: Advice for cycling with kids

A request for advice on biking with kids elicited a flood of enthusiastic and inspiring insights from parents about the joys of cycling with little ones.

Weather underground: How TV weathercasters can help in the climate fight

Weathercasters are trusted interpreters, but lag behind on climate science. Getting them up to speed could have big impacts on public understanding of climate.

Don’t hate the player: How fun and games can encourage sustainable choices

Guilt trips and penalties don't always work to change behavior. What if we make it more fun to do the right thing?