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Ashley Braun is Grist's News Producer and (unofficially) its Official Puntificator. She's also a science nerd, a lazy runner, an organic container gardener, and an accidental "expert" on topics like cross-country relationships and social media.

Notable Quotable

Obama administration officials grateful for early spring

“The good news is spring is coming earlier and earlier [thanks] to climate change.” — An anonymous White House official, on the prospect of the …

CRU cut

Skeptics claim global warming is fake after top scientists’ emails hacked at CRU

Shucks, we shoulda known!Photo courtesy Andrew Ciscel via Flickr With the Copenhagen climate talks upon us we learn that hackers recently broke into thousands of …

things that go pumpkin the night

The most frightening story this Halloween is … pumpkintop removal

I want to draw attention to one of the gravest — but least publicized — environmental crimes of our times. It is one of brutal …

Polluting and young minds

Sen. Kerry to youth on climate bill: We’re gonna need your help

When John Kerry speaks, the kids listen up.Photo: Cliff1066 via Flickr Creative CommonsOn a conference call Tuesday night with young climate activists, Sen. John Kerry …

Action pact day

Find an action. Shout 350. Tell us about it!

Will getting to 350 ppm be the great barrier to saving the Great Barrier Reef? Poppy and Jarrah via Flickr Creative CommonsIn parts of …

1Tweet to rule them all

1Sky looks to Twitter for climate movement’s next rallying cry

Here at Grist we’re fans of (at least) two things: Climate action A snappy call to get people’s bums off the couch to make that …

Beware of 'BAD' puns

Bloggers of all stripes grab a piece of the climate pie for Blog Action Day 2009

Maybe you’re a medical student in Hungary who finds release by detailing your daily life online. Or you’re an avid chronicler of the latest baby-name …

Now you see them, soon you won't

WWF finds tons of new species about to be wiped out by climate change [SLIDESHOW]

We’ve got some good news, some less-than-awesome news, and some killer eye candy. The good news is that 163 wild-and-crazy new species of animals and …

Did Melissa Etheridge need to "wake up" too?

Thousands send Global Climate Wake-Up Call to world leaders, leave messages

Avaaz.orgThousands of activists Monday called out world leaders for their loads of lip-flapping and foot-dragging on climate action. Literally. The voicemail message they left? Quit …

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