Ashley Braun

Ashley Braun is Grist's News Producer and (unofficially) its Official Puntificator. She's also a science nerd, a lazy runner, an organic container gardener, and an accidental "expert" on topics like cross-country relationships and social media.

Tipping our cap

Vote today on your fave carbon cap video

Environmental Defense Action Fund is holding a video contest to "explain in 30 seconds how capping global warming pollution could help solve our oil addiction." They've narrowed down the video submissions to the top five and are encouraging everyone to vote on a favorite by tonight. Check out two of the five videos below and vote on the best one here. The winning video producer will receive the Climate Activist's Choice Award, which comes with a $1,000 prize.

Logging Facebook time

Grist seeks volunteers for top-secret Facebook project

Do you waste untold hours spend time on Facebook? And enjoy a casual obsession with the latest environmental news? Do you like top-secret projects? If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, consider volunteering for one of the highly coveted beta tester spots for Grist's top-secret Facebook project. We'll need virtual volunteers during the first two weeks of February. If you want in, shoot an email with your full name and age to To the curious, non-Facebook folk out there, sorry to leave you hanging for now, but all will be revealed later in February. And in case you didn't realize how much fun Grist is already having on social networks, fan/friend/follow/Digg us on these sites! Become a fan of Grist on Facebook Friend Grist on MySpace Follow Grist on Twitter Subscribe to GristTV on YouTube Friend Grist and digg our stories on Join Grist's Flickr group (for the chance to land your photos in Grist stories!)

'Project for Awesome'

Create a ‘Why I heart Grist’ video for Project for Awesome

Do you love Grist? How about making videos? And it’s probably safe to assume you’re OK with awesome-ness, right? Yeah? Well, you’re in luck. Here’s your chance to tell the world why you think Grist is so “intelligent,” “relevant,” and “downright funny” (as it’s been said before). In partnership with YouTube, Hank and John Green — perhaps better known as the VlogBrothers — are offering to donate $1,000 to one extra-awesome charity in this year’s Project for Awesome (P4A). To make sure Grist is that winning (and worthy) charity, just whip up a short YouTube video showcasing your undying love …

Home-grown change

Host a Change is Coming house party this weekend

Change is Coming … to a house near you! This weekend across the nation, community organizer-types, average Americans, and heck, maybe even you (!) will be flocking to “Change is Coming” house parties to keep up that whole “democracy isn’t dead” thing. By asking people to host these events in their communities, Obama’s campaign manager, David Plouffe, is continuing to tap the enormous online grassroots audience that landed Obama in the White House. According to Plouffe, “At the house meetings, you’ll reflect on our campaign, discuss the future of this movement, and identify some ways to get involved in your …

Lights, camera, climate action!

Grist video kicks off Global Day of Climate Action 2008

In honor of the fourth annual Global Day of Climate Action on Dec. 6 and the global climate talks currently going down in Poznan, Poland, Grist put together a little video to get everyone thinking about how they’re acting to change the climate — for better or for worse. We’re working with other green orgs around the world, like, Friends of the Earth International and Greenpeace International, who have also posted climate-related videos on YouTube, and, with your help, we’re aiming to launch a climate takeover of YouTube’s Most Commented page this Saturday. That means you and all your …

Turkey-ish delight

A meat-free turkey slideshow and other vegetarian Thanksgiving fare

In the spirit of holiday gratitude, Grist would like to give thanks for those creative souls who play with their food. Because without them, we wouldn’t have this festive slideshow of meat-free masterpieces shaped like turkeys! (OK, you’ll notice we snuck in one or two non-edible turkeys too, but they were just too good not to pass around the table this Thanksgiving.) We’re not pulling your wattle here; we just love to gobble up vegetarian-friendly holiday fare every chance we get. What better way to celebrate not eating our feathered friends than with a shrine to their likeness? Whether it’s …

Green is thy fame

Notre Dame and Syracuse face off in football and climate change

The Fighting Irish and the Orangemen grapple over gridiron green. Photo: Ashley Braun As a loyal Notre Dame alumna, I feel it’s my duty not only to rally behind my team on the football field, but also to rally behind their efforts at fighting climate change. Thanks to NBC Universal and their “Green is Universal” biz, the two become one. In anticipation of the ND vs. Syracuse game this past weekend, NBC offered up a whopping $10K to the university who rallies the most to cut carbon emissions by November 30 via Trash talk off the field. Photo: Ashley …

Why you all up in MySpace?

Vote early, vote often to help Grist win $10K in the MySpace Impact Awards for Environmentalism

You (and all your MySpace friends) can help land Grist a cool $10,000 just by exercising your right to vote (again), which is way better than us searching for loose change in our couch. Grist is one of three finalists in the MySpace Impact Awards for Environmentalism, which gives props (and moolah) to organizations and individuals who creatively use their MySpace pages to make a difference. You can find ours at, where we give our friends a backstage pass to sweet green prizes, special news widgets, the latest Grist video, and more. You can vote once per day till …

An average Jo got it stick figured out

A video story of post-election hopes for the planet

Now that the most epic presidential election of our lives is over, Americans should have plenty of free time on our hands. So, what next? This is where Jo comes in. She’s an average American looking for real — heck, any — leadership on climate change from a shiny new President Obama. And she’s got a thing or two to say about how he should get started on it. Coincidentally, Jo is a stick figure person. But that doesn’t mean her ideas are any less valid than all the other Jo(e)’s from this election season. Check out her story below.

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