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Ashley Braun is Grist's News Producer and (unofficially) its Official Puntificator. She's also a science nerd, a lazy runner, an organic container gardener, and an accidental "expert" on topics like cross-country relationships and social media.

Business & Technology

Lolcats punk Teh Yes Menz punking Chevron

Oh noes! Did LOL kittehs make teh ultamet pranksterz get teh punkings? Translation: Oh no! Did the infamous Lolcats from the pop cat-culture website I Can Has Cheezburger punk the ultimate pranksters, The Yes Men, for their recent Chevron spoof?

Business & Technology

The world's first organic dairy rap video

British organic dairy Yeo Valley has finally given the world what it's always needed: a ridiculously good rap song about organic farming. Watch the magic.

Climate & Energy

Purple wind turbines would solve nearly all our problems

I was blown away to learn we've been painting wind turbines the wrong color. (White seemed like such a safe color!) At least it's nothing a little paint can't fix!


Italy fells hardwoods to cock block its sex trade

Where does Italy get off trying to denude 69 -- yes, 69 -- acres of forest just because prostitution has been rising up between its trees? Inquiring environmental groups want to know.

Business & Technology

Car recycling bins are finally here!

You know, when you're ready to trade in your car for bike.


Can your toilet flush 20 golf balls? [VIDEO]

Will it blend? If you can blend golf balls (or an iPad), then the next logical question is, of course, will they flush? Take a look at this ridiculous promotional video for a water-saving toilet.


Purdue’s Gebisa Ejeta on the vexing task of feeding a growing population

Over the next several weeks, I'll be attending the University of Washington's food and environment lecture series and harvesting knowledge from a diverse array of food-system luminaries. Plant breeding expert Gebisa Ejeta of Purdue University opened the series -- and …

Business & Technology

Are Google's self-driving cars actually signs of Transformers' imminent world domination?

The world is pumped that Google is passing mile markers on the road to creating a fully automatic automobile. But let's consider what we got the last time robot vehicles were allowed to freely roam the earth: Transformers.


LEGO lets you play with improving mass transit

Will having kids play with LEGO buses and trams (rather than Hot Wheels) foster the next generation of public-transit advocates?