Ashley Braun

Ashley Braun is Grist's News Producer and (unofficially) its Official Puntificator. She's also a science nerd, a lazy runner, an organic container gardener, and an accidental "expert" on topics like cross-country relationships and social media.

Your meat is too big — try this worm instead

Americans have issues with meat. But maybe we wouldn't have so many problems if we started to favor the flavor of the small -- and wiggly. Would you make a meal of worms?

Shell serves up a tasty crude oil 'salad'

Now I like a good vinaigrette, but this old Shell ad is a little too heavy on the oil for me. Petrole-yum?

Booze in bulk with self-serve wine dispensers

If the French don't look down their noses at the unbottled joys of bulk wine, why can't we? Waste not and wine a lot!

Let this poor little fish teach you to save water

In case you don't have bothersome fourth graders handy to remind you to "save some water for the whales," designer Yan Lu has a solution. But Goldie the Goldfish might not be happy about it.

Ben & Jerry's latest flavor: genetically engineered fish

Most ice cream lovers probably wouldn't line up for any flavor dubbed "Something's Fishy." That is, unless it were Ben & Jerry's phamous Phish Food in political disguise. Would you bite?

Obituary for an oil well

A nightmare in the Gulf of Mexico began with flames, billowing plumes of oil, and 24-7 media coverage. But the final death of the Macondo oil well reads much more like a gentle passing in the night. To which we …

Georgia farmer sued for growing too many vegetables

Local government has caught an organic hobby farmer tomato-red-handed growing a downright offensive number of vegetable plants on his property outside of Atlanta. What's an "acceptable" number of vegetables anyway?

Chatting on your cell phone till the battery is charged

You know those people who are always gabbing on their cell phones? Yes, they're pretty irksome, even hazardous, but what if their gift of gab were actually a small gift toward a fossil-fuel-free future?

Where do library books go when they die?

A creative way to recycle books that are ready to checkout for good.