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Yours is to wonder why, hers is to answer (or try). Send your green-living questions to Umbra.

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Umbra Fisk is Grist Research Associate II, Hardcover and Periodicals Unit, floors 2B-4B.


Ask Umbra: Which are greener, cartons or cans?

A reader has a container conundrum. Umbra sends her packing.


Ask Umbra: Are dogs born to poop wild?

A reader wonders if he can leave his pup's poop on the nature trail. Umbra digs up the evidence.

Ask Umbra: How can I make the world a greener, funnier place?

A reader wonders how to support his favorite news site. Umbra advises the green stuff.


Ask Umbra: How can I green my candle habit?

Readers want more environmentally friendly candles. Umbra waxes poetic.


Ask Umbra: Can I sneak a compost bin past my homeowners association?

A reader wants to start composting without offending their nosy neighborhood group. Umbra detects a whiff of rebellion.


Ask Umbra: Do they still make alarm clocks that don’t require batteries or electricity?

A reader is tired of waking up to her smartphone. Umbra crows about the alternatives.


Ask Umbra: Which is greener, grass or artificial turf?

A reader wonders if AstroTurf is as ducky as it seems. Umbra says beware the faux grass.


Ask Umbra: Is somebody sneaking palm oil into my food and shampoo?

A reader notices that unsustainable palm oil is showing up in everything. Umbra helps him turn over a new leaf.


Ask Umbra: What’s the best way to get my local veggies?

A reader wonders about those produce-in-a-box services. Umbra delivers the goods.

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