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Umbra Fisk is Grist Research Associate II, Hardcover and Periodicals Unit, floors 2B-4B.

No Butts About It

Your cigarettes literally kill everything

OK, not literally, but they are responsible for a whole lot of chemicals, pesticides, and clearcuts.

Counter Intuitive

What’s the best non-toxic alternative to bleach?

When a reader wonders if bleaching the kitchen counters is overkill, advice maven Umbra Fisk talks dirty.

Slick Snacks

Don’t look now, but the oil industry miiiight be poisoning your food

Some of the food you eat is probably irrigated with reused water from the oil industry. Bon appetit!

Don’t look now, but you emit too much — here’s how to stop

Americans emit way more than our fair share of carbon. Know where it comes from?

Carbon Footprints in the Sand

Does recycling glass do more harm than good?

Advice maven Umbra Fisk has a message (in a bottle) for beach-combers.

Bra None

I just bought a new bra. Could it be toxic?

When a breast-cancer survivor wonders whether she's just purchased toxic bras, advice maven Umbra Fisk offers support -- including tips on natural alternatives.

By the Yard

Spring is here! What should I do with the brush I clear?

Advice maven Umbra Fisk digs up some suggestions for a homeowner wondering how to clear his yard with a clear conscience.

Hot Water

How can I tell my roommate he takes too many showers?

A reader in California wants to berate his roommate over water usage, but advice maven Umbra Fisk says cooler heads should prevail.

Burning Question

Can you grow pot with LED lights?

With recent reports emphasizing the energy-sucking nature of the weed industry, a reader from Michigan wonders if LEDs could save the day.