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Umbra Fisk is Grist Research Associate II, Hardcover and Periodicals Unit, floors 2B-4B.


Ask Umbra: What should I get my sweetie for Valentine’s Day?

A reader wonders about eco-friendly jewelry. Umbra says go for the old gold.


Ask Umbra: Are shrimp farms killing the oceans?

A reader says he's reluctant to give up his shrimp cocktail. Umbra says don't be shellfish.


Ask Umbra: How do I dispose of an old TV set?

A reader's grandparents dumped their TV in the swamp. Umbra helps him channel some positive energy. Bonus: Tips for corralling your peas sans disposable bags.


Ask Umbra: What kind of wood floors should I buy?

A reader wonders if he can get a pass on imported hardwood, since it's fast-growing and bee-yutiful. Umbra polishes up his understanding of sustainable timber.


Ask Umbra: How can I be sure my recycling gets … recycled?

A reader is suspicious that her co-mingle is getting hauled to the landfill. Umbra does a little sleuthing.


Ask Umbra: What do I do about my treacherous sidewalks this winter?

A reader says he's afraid someone will slip and end up hurt. Umbra offers a little ice-breaker.


Ask Umbra: How do I get rid of the mold in my house?

A reader says he's hounded by mold in his basement and attic. Umbra says this cleanup job is going to be a dog.

Climate & Energy

Ask Umbra: What’s the most responsible way to get my winter thrills?

A reader wonders about the greenest way to hit the slopes, and which slopes are greenest. Umbra gives him a lesson.

Climate & Energy

Ask Umbra: Why must we “store” renewable energy? Can’t we just use it?

A reader wonders why it’s so hard to work wind and solar power into the grid. Umbra gets a real charge out of the question.

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