Auden Schendler

Auden Schendler is vice president of sustainability at Aspen Skiing Company, author of Getting Green Done, and a board member of Protect Our Winters.

Subaru’s new sustainability pledge is pretty weak. Here’s why

Why is a well-managed car company ignoring climate change in favor of outdated marketing?

Hey, American CEOs: Who’ll be the first to lead on climate change?

Calling the CEOs of Walmart, Pepsi, Microsoft, and Google, GE, FedX, and Starbucks: Step up now, and you'll be paid back with interest.

Citi takes energy efficiency all the way to the bank

Household energy efficiency is coming of age, and as a result, we've got a monumentally important new solution to climate change.

Green sleaze: The EPA helps corporations scrub their images while screwing the planet

The agency's Green Power Partnership gives corporations a cheap, easy way to look like responsible citizens. In fact, they're doing next to nothing.

Corporate sustainability is not sustainable

Green initiatives are ubiquitous at companies like IBM, Walmart, and Walt Disney. But corporations aren't meaningfully addressing the primary barrier to sustainability, climate change.

Three battle plans for fixing climate in Obama’s second term

To charge ahead on climate action, Obama could follow one of these three paths to victory, ripped from military history.

Climate Change is Fracking Society

Fracking isn’t only happening in the gas fields. Because of the never before seen and almost impossible to grok (or solve) problem of climate change, fracking is happening all over the environmental movement. Moms are fighting kids. Boards are fighting …

Selma, Montgomery, and Climate Change

(Reposted from Huffington Post) How weird would it have been if, in the 1960s, the press had reported from Selma, Birmingham, and Montgomery like this: “Selma, Al. March 7 (AP) — Protests Swell in the South! Hundreds marched out of …

Hope and climate change: Reasons to remain optimistic

Crawl out of that fetal position: Maybe we can still do something about climate change. Here are a few things to be hopeful about.