Auden Schendler

Auden Schendler is vice president of sustainability at Aspen Skiing Company, author of Getting Green Done, and a board member of Protect Our Winters.

Midas Triumphant: The Climate Year in Review

Events of 2011 show that no matter how solid the science, some people will never accept that humans are causing global warming.  So how can we cut the Gordian Knot that is manmade global warming? by Auden Schendler, reposted from the Atlantic One version of the myth of King Midas holds that he was not greedy. Instead, he loved his daughter so much that he longed to leave her a stable future. When given the chance, he asked for the golden touch as a way to create an endowment. But when they embraced, she turned to gold as well. In …

End of year existential rant and giving ideas: For humans

“In a place without people, be a person.” -old saying, source unknown to me. I am a parent and a 41-year-old human denizen of planet earth, climate warrior, dormant mountaineer. So like others of my ilk, I spend a lot of time in mid-life/existential crisis. That state of mind is ameliorated to some extent by my charitable giving, often done at this time of year. To that end I’m offering Grist readers my annual philanthropic suggestions. I will preface the suggestions with a short description of the conditions of my life that lead, on any given day, to me enjoying …

Climate Change

Climate change is messing with cocktail hour

Come Friday, I’m usually pretty torched after a typical week of being attacked as a hypocrite for working on climate change in the ski industry. So, often, I’ll join our company CFO for a cocktail. Our favorite is a Manhattan, which I mix up with some Gentleman Jack if possible, because I like owner Brown-Forman’s work on climate change. And, in theory, I escape. Or so I thought. But it turns out that global warming may affect weather patterns crucial to the bourbon aging process, according to a terror-inducing study conducted for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Hey, now. Come on. …

The Deniers are Devious Even When Admitting They're Wrong

There is dancing in the streets in the climate world these day after another of the deniers bit the dust. I’m talking of course about Richard’s Muller’s study that shows warming is, in fact, happening. Not only that, but the big baddies at Koch funded the study. And even better, the biggest baddie of all, the Wall Street Journal op ed page, published the public mea culpa by the scientist in question.  Told you so. But actually if you read Muller’s piece, you realize he’s debunking something that even most of the deniers now take as fact–the idea that …

Sustainable Business

What's the greenest business?

From Apple to News Corp.: Here's why we need new criteria to rank truly "green" companies.

Climate Change

The cold revolution: Ski bums unite to save our snow

The first generation of snow sports hot shots is looking for meaning, and they're finding it in the struggle to solve climate change.

Greatest fear, greatest hope

This was originally published by High Country News’ Writers on the Range syndicate. Thanks for their permission to reprint it here. Last month, three little girls, ages 8, 5 and 2, and their mother, were killed in a Wyoming flash flood that washed away their van. It was the kind of torrential downpour climatologists predict will increase as the planet warms. Their father survived. He alone can speak of the horror of trying to save his family, only to realize he could barely save himself. In the rushing water, he ran up against the greatest fear humans can experience: that …

Climate Change

Public opinion on climate just tipped

An unlikely confluence of events in recent weeks could be the final push needed for awareness and action on climate change.

Representative Tipton: My 150 isn't even my biggest truck

Recently U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton came to Aspen to speak to his Republican supporters here. He said that he drove an F150, and that that wasn’t even his biggest truck. And then he lamented the fact that it cost $78 to fill his tank halfway. And so we should drill for more oil in the US. When I heard, that I wondered both what he was trying to say, and what people thought of it. Do Republicans, even tea partiers, like to flaunt how unthrifty they are, or how much of  America’s resources they use? No Republican president from TR …

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