Auden Schendler

Auden Schendler is vice president of sustainability at Aspen Skiing Company, author of Getting Green Done, and a board member of Protect Our Winters.

Answer me this

I often spend parts of my day ranting against theoreticians and conference attenders who are essentially fiddling while Rome burns. I get really tired of …

The dog ate my sustainability report

On my first day in the classroom teaching high school math many years ago, I looked around at the dazed faces in my 7:00 AM …

Less vision. More work.

(This is reposted, in longer form, from the Harvard Business Review Blog.) I’m sitting here in Aspen on the heels of the Security Forum at …

Replacing Offsets with Something Even Sexier

'Policy tags' should relace offsets if we really want to solve climate change

What are the best offsets to buy to address guest travel? Answer: None. Instead, sell a policy tag that contributes the same amount to policy action.

Unedited Evidence of the Apocalypse

Now you can actually just buy LEED certification

We are facing an unprecedented environmental crisis in the form of climate change (with the world at its all time hottest in recorded history right now) and yet we have a firm (and I use that term lightly) called Carbon Solutions Group sending me emails like the following: In short, it says: "You can BUY LEED credits for almost nothing! Green power is getting so cheap!"

Oil and Vinegar Redressing

BP should be like Newman’s Own

After the BP Gulf disaster is ancient history, I want that company to thrive. I want it to be vastly more profitable than ExxonMobil. It …

The choices we'll have to make to save the world

I was in the rec center pool on a snowy May afternoon recently talking to my friend Dave as my kids sloshed around in what …

Beyond Petroleum

My friend Dean was mostly drunk rowing his raft down the Grand Canyon. He was also naked most of the time, except for a piece …

Coal Mining's Doubly Sad Legacy

Before the Massey mine disaster, there was Crandall Canyon

I’m reposting an essay I wrote in 2007 about another mine disaster. It’s relevant to what’s happening now in West Virginia. In March 2007, I …