Audrey Schulman

Audrey Schulman is the author of the novels The Cage, Swimming with Jonah, and A House Named Brazil.

A worried mother discovers the secrets of pesticide testing

Three years ago, while my extended family was vacationing at my dad’s cranberry farm, he mentioned that one of his fields would be sprayed that …

Seabirds suffer as climate change unravels North Sea food web

Guillemots are disappearing … Photo: Dr. Brian Wilson, Centre for Bioscience ImageBank. On the south side of the isle of Shetland, off the coast of …

Global-warming activists can learn from the anti-smoking campaign

Twenty years ago, it seemed that virtually everyone smoked. You couldn’t sit in a restaurant for five minutes without stinking of cigarettes for hours. Now, …

A new injection for men could shake up the world of contraceptives

If you plan to have sex anytime soon, let’s hope it’s not in Niger, Africa. According to the nonprofit organization Save the Children, just 4 …

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